Stole My Heart...One Step At A Time.

Nicole Stevens, an ordinary girl, shes had a horrible past, with boys, her mother dying, also a sister she never got to meet. But will a boy from a famous boy band change it all? Will he help her to stop hurting herself? Or will it just cause more pain? Will she even give him a chance? Or maybe will she get her dream come true? Even a career ahead of her life? Read more to find out!(:


16. Finding Out.

Laynas P.O.V
I know for a fact Im not staying here by myself. Its too big of a house to. But I cant just go with them for the heck of it. Stupid managment. 
"I have an idea." Nikki said, this was going to be good. I smiled, whenever Nikki has a plan its usually not a good one.We all nodded for her to continue. 
"You are good in fashion, arent you?" She continued, I looked down to what I was wearing. A black pleaded skirt with black tights underneath. A white tanktop with a black blazer over it for my top. I shrugged.
"I guess so.." 
'Well, then why can you guys see if your stylist needs an assistant?" She said then smiled at her very, good actually, own plan. I looked at Harry. He got up. 
"I'll give her a call, okay love?" He said then walked out I hoped this worked. 

Harrys P.O.V

"Hello Crystabel, speaking."
"Crystabel! How are you?"
"Harry! Good...Why what do you need?" She knows me too well. I chuckled at myself. 
"Would you mind an assistant on tour?" 
She paused and thought about it for a moment.
"I guess that wouldnt be a problem, why does little Harry have a girlfriend?"
I smiled, "Yes I do, but I want her to come on tour with us so she has to do something, ya sure you dont mind?"
"Of course not! I would an extra pair of hands to help you lot."
"Great, thanks!"
I hung up and went to Layna to tell her the good news this was gonna br great!

Nikki's P.O.V
Tomorrow is the day we all leave. This past week has flown by. Nothing out of the ordinary happened though. About 5 days ago we all found out Layna could come after all. I was starting to get nervous. What if simon doesnt like me? I cant go, then Layna could. Oh god. I never realized that before. I needed to talk to Zayn. I think he went outside to smoke. He really never did that often, But it didnt bother me. My mom used to smoke, reason why she got lung cancer though. But she smoked 2 packs a day. Zayn smoked one here or there. I walked out to him at the back patio.
"Zayn?" I said, seeing him on the chair that swung back and forth. 
"Hm?" He said putting out his cigarette then patting the seat next to him. I sat down.
"What if Simon doesnt like me?"
"Impossible." He said. I leaned in his chest and he put his arm around me. 
"No,its not. He seems harsh. I watched him when he was on American Idol and was scared to go try out because of him." He looked at me like I slapped him.
"Uncle Simon is one of the nicest guys ever! He just doesnt like to waste his time on people with obviously no talent. You have talent, Nicole. Everyone thinks so. Dont doubt yourself." 
"But what if I dont get in? Layna already has a yes, and I will be here by myself."
"That wont happen. I know 100% it wont. Will you just trust me?" He said, getting a little annoyed. I sighed.
"Im going to go in my room. Think things through." I said and he nodded. I ran upstairs and into my bed. I was so nervouse I started to cry. I was over emotional, but I had my reasons. I used to take everything well. Thats until I was 14. When everthing bad happened. Thats were it all started. Everything has been down hill from there. Now, Im starting to remember it and Im getting mad. Istopped crying after about 10 minutes and went to drawer. I pulled it open and it was gone.
"What the hell?" I murmmered to myself. I heard a knock on my door and shut my drawer. 
"Come in!" I said. Zayn walked in, seen I was by my desk then started to walk out. 
Zayn stay in here!" I said then pulled him in and closed the door.
"You took it didnt you?" I said, my voice was full of anger. He didnt answer. He sighed then looked at me.
"Yes I did. For you to stop hurting yourself!" He yelled back. 
"Give it back! You have no right to take my things!"
"When its with someone I really care about and its for good, I think this can pass!" I was so anger I hit him in the chest, harder then I expected too. I hit him again. He grabbed my wrists, and pulled me close to him.
"Nicole, stop." He said quietly. I sighed and realized the position I was in. I started to break down and cry. 
'Zayn, Im sorry. So sorry." I said then hugged him.He hugged back and kept 'shh-ing' me and telling me it was okay. No its not. Im a sad case. And Im turning into a crazy case. I hope this all goes good tomorrow to get my mind of things. I then promised my self I wouldnt do this anymore. Zayn walked to the bed with me still in his arms. I sat up and looked at him.
"What,love?" He said brushing y hair out of my face. 
"I promise." I said then smiled a little bit. He knew what promise I was talking about and smiled back. He pulled me ontop of him, with his arms around my waist. I looked down at him. I kissed him. We kissed for long time, then he licked my bottom lip for entrance. I let him in away and his tounge explored my mouth. This was our first make-out session. As cliche as that sounds its true. 
"EW! MAYBE I SHOULD KNOCK NEXT TIME!" Louis shrieked. Me and Zayn pulled away and started laughing. 
"What do you want, Lou?" Zayn said as I was still on him. 
"Well, we ordred pizza why you two were screaming at each other like monkeys, and its here." He asid, being sassy. I narrowed my eyes at him and he laughed at himself. I got up and me and Zayn walked past Louis. Until Louis pulled my arm back. I looked at him witha confused look. 
"Do you mind telling me what that little spat was about?" I looked down, i forgot the boys didnt know about that.
" was nothing." I said than ran down stairs. 
"Hey guys!" I said smiling to everyone, shoving their faces in the pizza. Hungry much? 
"Well, nice to wait for everyone." I said laughing then sat on the floor to eat. Zayn was on the cushion I was leaning against with his legs on either side of me. 
"Well, with the way you two were going up there, I was a little scared to go run up there."  Niall said. 
"Yeah, what was that about anyway?" Liam said putting his phone down, probably texting Braxton. 
"....Nothing." I said without looking at any of them. I started to eat my pizza more slowly, just staring at it so I wouldnt have to look at them.
"Nicole, I think you should tell them." Zayn said, sincerly though, it wasnt snobby or anything. I looked up.
"Tell us, what?" Louis said, he looked concerned. Shit. Now I really cant hide it anymore. 
"The reason why me and Zayn were fighting was because he took my razor." I said blantly. 
"Your razor?" Niall question. Louis got it quickly. He came rushing to me and sat next to me hugging me. 
"Why didnt you ever tell me?" He said quietly I just shrugged. 
"I didnt want anyone to find out, really."
"Wait, Im still confused!" Harry said.
"My razor, to you know cut yourself with."  I said. His eyes widened.
"Nikki, Im so sorry." He said, I nodded. What did he ahve to be sorry for? He wasnt for anyone of the reasons. Liam got up and came over on the other side to hug me. I love these boys so much. 
"You know we wouldnt have judged you." He said. 
"I didnt know that at first." I said to him looking at him. Louis was still on my right, rubbing his thumb over my hand. 
"How come Zayn got to know, but not any of us?" Niall said, coming in front of me. 
"Well, remember that night I stayed the night at your cabin, after your concert? I was texting Layna and she asked you guys knew, Zayn seen and then looked at my wrists." Suddenly they all looked down at my wrists. Louis gasped. 
"Promise us you wont ever do this again." He stated then looking at me. 
"I will. Plus I dont have anything to do it with." I joked. Got to make this not so sappy, eh? I smiled but no one else did. I sighed. I got up to go throw my plate away. I came back in the living room and everyone was gone. 
"Really, you guys?" I said out loud. I hate it when people did this. They always try and scare me, then I usually fall and get a bruise. I walked to the couch so it ws safe and sat down then sighed. 
"Im not looking for all of you." I said laughing. Then all 6 of them jumped out of no where and started to tickle me. 
"GUYS.....STOP....CANT BREATHE." I said while laughing . They stopped. 
"You guys think you are so clever, huh?" I said while getting up and getting back to breathe properly.
"Well, it was Nialls idea." Liam said. 
"Its always Nialls idea to torture me! First the beach, then calling me fat, now this? Im hurt, Niall." I said and pouted playfully.  Then he ran to me and gave me the biggest bear hug ever. Then he ruffled my hair. 
"Okay, okay, no need to mess up the hair!" He stopped and I laughed. 
"Hey, uhm what time is it?" I asked.
"4:30, why?" Liam said.
"Im going to go to the camp ste and say goodbye. Plus I miss my dog. Going to go play with im for a little bit." I said.
"Want me to go with you?" Zayn asked. I thought about it, i really wanted to go alone, but since Zayn is my booyfriend, I have to introducce him to my dad. 
"Yeah, you can." I said smiling. He got up and walked out the door behind me.  

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