Stole My Heart...One Step At A Time.

Nicole Stevens, an ordinary girl, shes had a horrible past, with boys, her mother dying, also a sister she never got to meet. But will a boy from a famous boy band change it all? Will he help her to stop hurting herself? Or will it just cause more pain? Will she even give him a chance? Or maybe will she get her dream come true? Even a career ahead of her life? Read more to find out!(:


20. Falling Apart, Too Soon?

Louis's P.O.V
 What the hell was I thinking? I should have just never answered. Kept me damn mouth shut. But at least now she knows right? No, I cant think that. Now its going to be awkward and horrible, and shes my best mate. Other than Hazza of course.  I mean I cant help it, I cant believe the other lads dont like her. Well exclude Zayn. Shes just beautiful,funny,caring,honest,loyal and over all amazing. Im still falling for her. But, what do I do? I can't just forget about her and go on to another girl. It woud take alot of more time. What if she would come to me and break up with Zayn? No. Dont think that, Louis. Hes one of your best mates. I cant tell anyone about this, not even Harry. 

Nikki's P.O.V
 I still sat there, in shock, staring at the floor. Zayn came in,
"You alright?" He asked and came to sit next to me. I nodded,
"Yeah, fine why?" I said looking at him. He shrugged
"Well, Louis seems pissy and you were staring at the floor like it was interesting. What happened?" He asked. Do I tell him? Would he understand? No, probably just start drama and everything was going perfect for once. 
"Everythings fine!" I said, smiling. Lets just try and forget about it, for now anyway. He put his arm around me and everyone came in, except Louis. I felt like they were all staring at me. 
"Whats wrong with my boobear?" Harry asked. I shrugged looking at the tv, that Niall turned on. 
"I dont know." I lied. I cant do this. Just lets think about something else. 
"Can we watch Toy Story? Its almost my birthday!" Liam said, I smiled at him. 
"I dont care."  I said. Ha! Found something to think about what can I get Liam for his birthday? Porbably make him a cake..and have Harry help me! I nudged Harry who was sitting on the right of me.
"What?" He said. I went close to his ear and whispered;
"Wanna help me make Li, a cake for his brthday?" I said and he smiled and nodded. Zayn gave my a confused look so  told him. 
"Our first concert is in two days! Paul is about to start heading out soon." Liam said, Im guessing reading the text from his phone. God, Im going to singing in fron of thousands of people in two days. Another thing to  think about, great. Ugh, I need someone to talk too but cant talk to Zayn or Louis. Well, I could go try to talk to Louis, but what would I say? i sighed, to myself. Not even paying attention to the movie like everyone else was. Harry took notice. He texted me, wow Harry. I was right next to him!
'Wanna talk? Seems like somethings up..xx' 
Should I talk to him? He would be the only one to understand. 
'How are we going to do that? if we leave everyone would know something.'  I sent. 
"Oh, shit! I left something at your house, Nikki. Come with me, since you have the key." Harry blurted. Everyone gave him a look.
"I thought you packed everything!" Liam said. 
"Well I remember i left something on the table at her house. We will be quick. Plus we arent leaving for another hour. So come on Nikki." Harry said as he got up, I followed.  We walked out without seeing Louis. We just started to take a walk basically. 
"So, whats wrong?" He said shoving his hands into his pockets, me doing the same.
"Well, first off im nervous as hell for the concert." I said and he laughed.
"Thats not funny!" I exclaimed. 
"No its just that I flet the same way, and when I had to perform my solo, I thought I was horrible, I actually cried! But when I watched it, I wasnt bad, you could just tell I was nervous." He said. 
"Well, thats reassuring!: I said sarcastically. 
"Hey! You werent that bad in front of Simon. Just nervous. After your first song, you will get the hang of it. Trust me." He said, I just kept walking.
"Now, whats the other thing?" He said and I looked up at him.
"How do you know thats not the only reason?"
"Mind reader." He grinned.
"Mhmm." I said laughing. 
"Well, just something happened between Lou and I." I said, I didnt want to pour my heart out. 
"Like? Plus, I though you guys were best friends!" He said. 
"We still are!...I think. Its just he confessed something to me and Im just..shocked."
"He has feelings for you doesnt he?"
"How did you guess?"
"I cant tell..personally we all thought you liked him at the beginning when Eleanor broke up with him." 
"Im just caring! I hate seeing people look at what Ive done." I said looking down at my feet. Harry put his arm around my shoulder, in a friendly way. 
"And now, he wont talk to me." I said quietly. 
"Louis jsut needs some time, it just depends on how much he like you. Want me to talk to him?" he offered, I shook my head.
"No, please dont say anything! I dont think he wanted me to say anything to anyone." I said and he nodded.
"Fine, but you have to talk to him."
"What am I going to say? That Im dating Zayn and thats final." 
"Thats what you have to say, you cant break up with Zayn when you like him, to make Louis happy. Unless you have feelings for Louis." I shook my head.
"No, Ive never really thought of him that way. But that sounds harsh." I said as we turned around to walk back. 
"Well, dont say it exactly like that. Just, lets see how it goes. If it comes to the point where he wont talk to you, make him." He said. Then it was silent the whole way back. We walked in and the movie just ended. I sat back to Zayn and smiled.
"Did you get what you needed?" Layna asked. He shook his head.
"I actually brought it, just forgot. I thought i left it, but nope." He said. I piped in,
"Yeah went all the way there for nothing." And glared at him then smiled. I cuddled into Zayns chest, since i was feeling better. It was only 6 and Liam had put in the second Toy Story.  I was a little tired from waking up at like 7 in the morning. 
"Wanna go to bed?" Zayn whispered in my ear. I nodded and me and him went to the bed all the way at the bottom. I was too short and I really didnt want to fall off if we went on the top. There was one extra bed since Harry and Layna would prbably share a bed. Zayn went in and I followed. He shut the curtain so it was darker in there. I layed on his chest, he rubbed my back. 
"Are you sure you dont want to talk about today? You and Lou did seem upset. You know you can talk to me right?" He said. 
"Its nothing, really." I said.  knew he wasnt convinced but he left it alone. I never did fall asleep but he did. I gently got up and went back into the lounge area. I layed in bed for 2 hours. Wow. Liam was in the kitchen, skyping Braxton. I sat next to him a nd waved.
"Hi Babe!!" I said and laughed and she waved back. 
"Hey girl!" She said, I looked at Liam and he seemed happy.
"Well, I will leave you two alone..just wanted to say hi!" I said then winked. I walked out into the lounge room. Harry and Niall were still there.
"Wheres Layna?" I asked
"She went to bed, she was tired." Harry said and I nodded. I grabbed a pillow and set it in my lap and finally decided to look on Twitter. I havent been on in a week, knowing I was getting hate and I really didnt want to see it. I already had a million followers. Damn. I had lots of mention. From good things, to questions and then lots and lots of hate. Some said I was a whore, ugly, wore too much makeup and ect. How could they think that of me? I didnt do anything wrong to them. Some people said I was just using hm, since I was a nobody. No one famous. Surprisingly I wasnt crying I just got mad. Then what really got me mad was when I seen a picture of me and Harry and read the caption.
'Is Zayns girlfriend cheating? Seen with his best mate Harry!'
 I threw my phone at the floor in anger. Harry picked it up and looked. He sighed. 
"Shit." He whispered. I sat there Harry showed Niall and Niall came up to me and hugged me. I didnt hug back though. I wasnt mad at him just mad at myself. Whenever I think everythings going perfect, bullshit comes in the way. Really? What if Zayn sees it? Layna? Im sure they wont believe it but still. This is horrible.

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