Stole My Heart...One Step At A Time.

Nicole Stevens, an ordinary girl, shes had a horrible past, with boys, her mother dying, also a sister she never got to meet. But will a boy from a famous boy band change it all? Will he help her to stop hurting herself? Or will it just cause more pain? Will she even give him a chance? Or maybe will she get her dream come true? Even a career ahead of her life? Read more to find out!(:


2. Duke!


Louis wasnt the one that had actually caught my eye though..its was Mr. Zayn Malik himself who I had my attention on. Oh, what was I thinking?! A famous celebrity to even look twice at me was a blessing. I had naturally dark brown curly hair, hazel eyes, a button nose (which people would love but not when people would say you had a pig nose in the 7th grade), a slim figure. I mean I was plain..I wore some makeup but I never packed it on. I was Miss. Plain Jane. 

"Thank you!" They all said once I was done helping them. Then I watched them all walk to their cabin.

Then they all came back, I looked at them with a confused exspression on me face. 
"Whats your name, love?" Harry asked. "Im Nicole, but you can call me Nikki if you'd like, if you guys need any help just come find me!" I said with a smile. 
"Alright, Nikki. See ya around!" He said with that cheeky smile of his.  


**Few Hours Later**


I decided I should take my break. I was bored out of my mind anyways and I had to get my mind off of busting through One Direction's cabin door. I decided to go tan by the lake. I kept my shorts on but put on my black and hot pink knitted bikini top. I took my hair out and let my curls fall loosley against my shoulders.

Then I began to wonder where my dog, Duke, was. He was a big ol' black american lab and he was my best friend. Ive had him for 7 years now and he was deffinatley a piece of me. We let him roam around the camp site because hes friendly and doesnt attack any other dogs or cats. He will bark ocasionally but hey, hes a dog. 
"Duke!!" I yelled as I walked outside. No response. I seen a cabin door opened which you could has guessed, was One Direction's. I decided that this could be my chance at night trying to annoy them and to see if they had seen Duke.

"Knock Knock!" I said with a smile as knocking on the door. They all looked and smiled at me. 
"Umm, have you seen a big black do-" I was cut off by seeing my big dog in bed with Niall Horan. He was playing with him till he looked up at me with a guilty look.

"There ya are Duke! Ive been looking everywhere for you!" I said with a smile as I petted him. Niall looked sad.

"Whats the matter?" I asked confusingly. 

"I wasnt stealing your dog I swear! I just seen him and he walked in here and and I started petting him, which he is incredibly nice for being such a scary lookin lad and Im sorry." He started rambling as walking torwards me. I smiled and covered his mouth. 
"Is there any way to get you to shut up?" I asked laughing. He then smiled, 
"You know you could kiss me..Im irish you know." He said with a wink. "Um no thanks." I said, Im sure I was blushing though.  All of the boys gasped and I looked up. "And why not? Any other normal fan would, and I think we can tell you are deffinatley a fan." He said with a smile. Then it dropped. "ITS BECAUSE YOU LIKE HARRY AND HIS STUPID CURLS ISNT IT?" He said loudly and pretended to put on a sad face. I simply smiled. 
"Nooo its not that. Its because Im not one of those fans that would basically throw myself at one of you guys. They most likely want you for your fame and fortune...or just absolutley crazy. Im a fan that like you guys for your music and personalities. That I know from what Ive read in the past." I said smiling looking at them..mostly Zayn. Could his eyes get any more tempting? 
Then he spoke up, "We need more fans like you, that dont scream because we simply wave at them..or just want us for our money. Yes, the dedication is amazing but we need someone like you sometimes." He then flashed that smile. I smiled back of course. They all agreed though. Then I turned to Niall. "I knew you werent trying to steal my dog, his name is Duke by the way, but we let him roam around the camp site since he is so friendly." I said looking at Duke, he layed down right by feet as by that time I was sitting at the edge of Louis and Harrys bed. Im guessing since they both were laying there. 

I looked over at Louis..his eyes werent happy he just kept staring back at his phone, with sadness. 
"Louis, is everything okay?" I asked looking at him. He looked up with tears in the rim of his eyes. I then gently took his phone to read the message, (I cant believe I had enough courage to do so) My feelings went to happy to guilty. It was a text from Eleanor. Saying she didnt think it was working out anymore so she wanted to spilt. I looked up at him then hugged him. "Im so sorry, Louis." I whispered. He hugged me back gently. "If you want to talk Im always here, okay?" i said with a weak smile. He looked at me and nodded. Then he got up and left. 
"Whats wrong with him?" Liam asked me. I looked at them all. Should I tell them? They were going to find out sooner or later, I thought.
"Umm, Eleanor broke up with him." I said kinda quietly. I felt bad for the lad. He seemed happy from what I could tell over the internet or in magazines. All the boys kinda went quiet. I got up and put a smile on me face. "Well me and Duke are gonna go down to the lake and go for a swim or tan, if you need anything I'll be down there!" I said with my smile and walked out.

"WAIT!" I heard them all say I turned around..and noticed I was pretty much topless I fotgot I had my bikini on, because they were all eyeing me. Did it really look that bad? "Yess?" I said. 
"We need your number, love!" Harry said. I smiled and gave all the boys my number as they passed my phone around to put theirs in as well.

"Dont forget to tell Louis my number." I said to them. "I put his in there for you." Niall said with his smile. Then I gave them all hugs and Zayns was last...and probably the longest too, which I didnt mind.

Hey guuyss! So as you guys can tell..this is going to be a Zayn love story.(: Sorry there isnt any Zayn action tho! Aha.(: I really want some feedback..even though I know Im new. But heres a longer update for people who are beginning to read anyway.(:

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