Stole My Heart...One Step At A Time.

Nicole Stevens, an ordinary girl, shes had a horrible past, with boys, her mother dying, also a sister she never got to meet. But will a boy from a famous boy band change it all? Will he help her to stop hurting herself? Or will it just cause more pain? Will she even give him a chance? Or maybe will she get her dream come true? Even a career ahead of her life? Read more to find out!(:


6. Come Over?

I woke up to someone playing with my hair, I fluttered my eyes opened and seen that Zayn was awake looking at me and playing with my hair. Once he seen me awake he stopped and blushed. I just smiled and pecked him on the cheek. Only did I know everyone one else was awake. But hank god they didnt see it. I got up and everyone was up on their phones. I decided to check mine and I had nothing. What loser I was. I then realized today was usally the day I go back to my actual house by myself for a week. This outdoor thing isnt really me. 
 "Good morning." Louis said with a warm smile. I smiled in returned to see what time it was, noon. Ehh my usual time of waking up. I guess I should tell the boys about me going  to my house. But I dont want to leave them. Maybe they could stay at my house for the rest of their time here? I had 2guest bedrooms, my room, and a big couch downstairs. 
"Hey uhm guys I go back to my house by myself for the rest of the week, but I kinda dont want to leave you guys.."  I blushed then looked down. "Soo do you guys wanna come with?" I continued and looked at them all. They had poker faces..I couldnt tell if they wanted too or not.
"OF COURSE WE DOOO!" They all yelled at the same time I giggled. I got up and grabbed my phone.
"Im going to go get ready and get all my stuff be ready in an hour?" I said calling Duke with me.
"Is Duke coming?" Niall asked. 
"No he stays here, he likes to be outdoors alot." I said laughing. 

**An hour later**

"You guys ready?" I asked as we all got into our cars. Well they had a van and I had a black camaro, which the boys seemed all excited over they were all fighting to ride with me. So I just decided to ride by myself. To save arguments sake. They followed me there as I grabbed my bag and went inside. I had a pretty open house. The living room was open and was brown and biege then had stairs all the way up and you could look down from the railing and could see the living room. There were 5 doors for 4 bedrooms and a bathroom. there was also a bathroom by the living room. Then there is your average kitchen.

"Welcome to my lovely home!" I said dramatically. I smiled at them. Then I got a text from Layna.
'I wanna be there with you and the boys!;/' I read then  suddenly an idea came to my head. 
'Move in with me! My couch is uper comfortable, remember when we made it into a bed and it was more comforatable then my own bed?' I sent. 
"Hey, did you guys like my cousin last night?" I asked them.
"Yes! She cute." Harry said then winked. I laughed. This was gonna be fun. 
I got a reply. 'REALLY? I am. Im packing right now. Ill be there soon!' I smiled.

"Why do you ask?" Niall said running up the stairs. 
"Well because shes moving in with mee." I said.
"YAAAY!" They all said. They were such kids, but I loved it. I feel like I have known them forever. I wish. They are so much fun to hang out with. I love them. I took my bags up stairs. I seen that Harry and Louis was sharing a bed..typical. Then Zayn and Niall had the other bed. Liam was left downstairs. I wasnt going to let him sleep on the couch. 
"Liam, you are sleeping in my room. Im not going to let you sleep on the couch." I said to him from the stairs he looked up at me.
"Im fine, really. You sleep in your bed, this is your house you know." He said, he had such a heart.
"Liam, if you arent going to sleep in there, neither am I. I will sleep on the cold floor." I said with guilt. Trying to get him to just take the freaking bed. He paused and thought about it for a minute.
He sighed. "Fine." He said. I ran down the stairs as he went up it setting his stuff up. Zayn came running downstairs and sat next to me on the couch. 
"Are you going to tell them?" He asked referring to my scars. 
I shrugged. "I dont want too." I said. 
"You have too, Nicole. If you hide it, it will just be worse." He stated and I looked at him. Then I heard the tumbling of feet down the stairs and all the boys jumped on me and Zayn. Me and him ended up nose and nose with eachother. We both blushed.
"Get off of us!" I yelled. They all did as so then I heard the door bell ring. I ran to the door andopened it to Layna. I grabbed some of her bags and went up in my room. When I came back down her and Harry  were talking and seemed to be hitting it off. He was helping her with her boxes. They both passed me talking. Zayn seen me staring and came up to me,
"Well, seems like they might be talking for hours." He said then looked at me with that million dollar smile of his. God, I had the urge to kiss him, but I know I couldnt. 
I looked at the clock and it was 3:00. 
"Im hungry. Do you have any Nandos around here?" Niall groaned.
"Any what?" I asked.
"Um yeah about that, no. How about pizza?" I asked.
"Fine." Niall pouted then crossed his arms.
"Ill go order it." Liam suggested and then went into the kitchen. 
"Hey Lou! Feeling better?" I asked him while sitting next to him on the couch. He nodded slightly then smiled. 
"We talked it out and all, we are friends. I just hate being alone." He frowned slightly. I gave him a hug. 
"You will find that special girl, Lou. Promise." I said smiling and letting go. He nodded then went back on his phone. I decided to check my twitter as Zayn sat next to me and did the same. 
My followers increased my thousands. But as I read through my mentions I didnt like the sudden gain. There were things like;
'Whore. You dont deserve them.'
'You are ugly why they wat to be frieds with you?'
'Fat. Ugly. Stupid. Whore.'
I was getting so many of those then a few like;
"You are so pretty! And you seem chill, can you follow me back?xx'
With  so many hate and a few love the love ddnt seem to help. Zayn must have been looking at my screen because he put his arm around me and whispered,
"They are just jealous because they cant hang out with us like you can. Dont listen to them. You are a beautiful, smart, funny and a amazing girl from what Ive known." He said smiling,  blushed. Then Liam walked back in and went to get get the pizzas. Harry and Layna were still upstairs..hmm wonder what they could be doing?

A/N;Sorry for the cliff hanger!! . Im skyping my cousin Layna and she loves my story! She wanted me to update so here ya goo<3 Please tell people about my story! It means the whole world to me! Love youxxx. <3 

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