Stole My Heart...One Step At A Time.

Nicole Stevens, an ordinary girl, shes had a horrible past, with boys, her mother dying, also a sister she never got to meet. But will a boy from a famous boy band change it all? Will he help her to stop hurting herself? Or will it just cause more pain? Will she even give him a chance? Or maybe will she get her dream come true? Even a career ahead of her life? Read more to find out!(:


27. BestFriend.


I woke up with hazel nut, beautiful eyes looking at me. 

"Goodmorning beautiful."  He said with his sexy morning voice, I smiled. Im sure I looked far from beautiful right now.

"Morning babe!" I replied. He put his arms aorund my waist and I layed on my back and looked at the cieling.

"Whats wrong babe?" He said and I sighed. I dont know if I should tell him or nor, its kinda embarrising. I put my hand on my forhead and was about to tell him everything till I heard a knock on the door. I groaned and Zayn got up to open it. It  was my loud mouth of a bestfriend, Braxton.

"GOODMORNING!" She yelled all happily then she jumped on me.

"Get up, you lazy ass bum!" She said I laughed. 

"Well, I cant get up if you are on top of me, now can I?" I asked in the most camest voice I could pull off. She rolled her eyes and got off. i got up and gave her a hug. 

"Me. You. Girls day." I stated and she nodded the skipped out of the room. I looked at Zayn and he had his bottom lip out. 

"What am I suppose to do all day if you are going to be gone?" He asked. I smiled at him and shook my head. Silly boy. 

"Go hang out with the boys! Im sure they would like to have a guys day, huh?" I suggested he nodded and gave in easily. I did my normal routine and was ready within the hour.  (A/N; Both of the girls outfits are on the sidebar.) I walked out and waited for Braxton. 

"Wanna go to Starbucks first?" She asked and I nodded, we strolled down to Starbucks and ordered what we wanted.

"So is Liam being less awkward or what?" I asked straight up. Ive always been blunt and straight forward with people.

"A little. I mean he is very shy." She said taking a sip of her drink. 

"And you arent." I said smirking. She laughed. 

"Hey! I think its very attractive when guys are shy!" She argued, I rolled my eyes and laughed.

"What about you and ayn, huh? Getting pretty serious..." She ended in a high pitched voice. My cheeks were probably bright red and I was smiling like mad. Just the sound of his name lit up my day.

"Yeah..I guess you could say that."I said smiling down my cup. 

"Um I guess? No its a hell to the yes! You even act yourself now too." She said. I laughed and rolled my eyes at her ridiculousness. Ladies and gents, this was my bestfriend. She could always make you laugh and be there for you. 

"Hows Dad doing?" She asked, referring to my dad. She loved caling my mom and dad her mom and dad too. I nodded, forgetting that I hadnt called him in a while. 

"Hes great! The campground is his life now. I havent called him in awhile though..I wonder how Dukes doing." I said outloud. Then me and Braxton heard giggling and he looked to see what it was. There was about a 10 yeard old lttle girl with a One Direction shirt on and was smiling over torwards us. She walked over to us and tapped my shoulder I turned to look at her and she brightened up like a Christmas tree. 

"Are..are you Nicole Stevens? Zayn Maliks girlfriend?" She asked then giggled. I nodded,

"Why yes I am! Whats your name, babe?" I asked smiling. 

"Molly, can I tell you something?" She asked nervously and I nodded.

"Never ever break up with Zayn. You're perfect for him and really pretty!" She said I smiled. 

"Awe, thank you sweetie! I wont." I promised. She laughed and ran back to her mom. Whom smiled at me and waved. I returned the favor and turned back to Braxton.

"Does that happen alot?" She asked and I shook my head.

"No that was the first time! Im surprised she knew who I was..." I said trailing to my thoughts. 

"Well duh! You are all over the tabloids." She said and my eyes went wide. 

"What?" I said in shock. She groaned and grabbed my hand, we went to the nearest Rite Aid and she pulled me inside to the magazine rack.

'Zayn and girlfriend Nicole!

'Are Zayn and Nicole MARRIED?'

'Nicole Stevens with Louis Tomlinson'

I stopped reading and rolled my eyes. This was a little over the top, dont ya think? I hate paps.

"I didnt know they would be everywhere!" I said. 

"You are with a famous boy band what did you expect?" She asked me and I honestly didnt know. 

"I dont know but now, I feel like i cant do anything." 

"Well dont let  that get to ya." She said and I decided to turn up the radio. And What Makes You Beautiful came on and me and Braxton looked at eachother. 

"YOU'RE INSECURE, DONT KNOW WHAT FOR. YOU'RE TURNING HEADS WHEN YOU WALK THROUGH THE DOOOOR!" We both screamed then erupted into fits of laughter. We continued to dance and scream like idiots in the car till we got to our hotel. We were both happy when we walked in, she followed me into my hotel room where Zayn...wasnt there? Hm. 

"Um, wheres your lover?" She asked. I smiled and shrugged.

"Probably in the other room with the boys. Wanna go see?" I asked and we both walked out  and knocked on the door.  Louis answered. 

"NIKKI!" He screamed and tackled me. 

"Louis, why did you just attack me?" I said looking up at him since i was underneath. He shrugged.

"I missed you." He said simply and got off and helped me up. Braxton already walked inside and sat next to Liam. She kept giving me looks, signals even. What? I looked around and saw a girl, sitting with everyone and particulary next to Zayn. I raised my eyebrows and thats when Zayn got up to give me a hug and a kiss. 

"Um, who is this?" I asked everyone. 

"This is Jessica, shes a friend from..uh a while back." Zayn answered. I shot Louis a look. She got up, and stood in front of me. She was wearing a tube top and some short shorts. Uhm, girl it is about 60 degrees and i have a sweater on..cover it up! She glared at me, then smiled.

"You must be Nicole!" She said with her high pitch annoying voice.  Okay maybe Im judgeing a book by its cover, but I honestly have no time for this. 

"Yes that must be me." I said quietly and went to go sit by Louis on the couch. 

"Jessica, is uh old girlfriend of Zayns." Louis leaned in to whisper to me. My eyes widened and I looked over at the two and she was laughing and giggling with him. What the hell? 

"Zayn, how was your guys day?" I asked, hoping he would get a hint. He looked over and came to sit next to me. She followed, hoping to sit next to him but it was a 3 seater couch. She looked over at me and Louis. 

"Can you guys, like, move?" She said. 

"Um, like, no we cant, because like, there isnt any room." I said mocking her. She rolled her eyes and sat on the floor and huffed. 

"Uhm Nicole, my day was actually really well, just you werent here." Zayn answered, un easily, He knew I had an attitude. 

"Are you okay? Did something happen while you were out?" Zayn asked.

"No, no I was perfect! Till I came here." I answered. Hey, I was being honest.  

"Wow Zayn, your girlfriend is just nagging at you!" Jessica spoke up. I looked at her.

"Uhm, excuse me?" I said getting more mad by the minute. She rolled her eyes and stood up, picking at her nails. I stood up to face her. 

"Listen here whore. Stop trying to get Zayn back because it aint working. You might want to go outside and check the weather because no one wants to see your saggy boobs and your cottage cheese of an ass. Stop being a little whore and get out." I snapped at her. Her eyes widened and she did somthing that made me jump on her and punched her in the nose; she ran up to Zayn and kissed him.

I pushed he to the ground and kept punching her, right in the eye. I lost count after 5. I felt someone grab my waist and pull me away. I kept kicking trying to get out of teir grasp but it wasnt working. I turned to see who it was, it was Zayn. Tears started forming, 

"Zayn..I ....Im..Im sorry." I tried rambling but he put his finger on my lips.

"Its fine babe, she shouldnt have done that. Liam just took her out of the hotel room and shes never coming back here. Okay?" He said and I nodded. I turned to look at everone, embarressed. I looked down at the ground but yet I heard laughter and cheers.

"That was amazin." Louis said. 

"Damn girl, who knew you would be a scrapper!" Harry exclaimed. I laughed along and everyone was laughing. I shrugged.

I cant help that i have a bad temper. 

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