Stole My Heart...One Step At A Time.

Nicole Stevens, an ordinary girl, shes had a horrible past, with boys, her mother dying, also a sister she never got to meet. But will a boy from a famous boy band change it all? Will he help her to stop hurting herself? Or will it just cause more pain? Will she even give him a chance? Or maybe will she get her dream come true? Even a career ahead of her life? Read more to find out!(:


22. Being Cool, Huh?


Nikki's P.O.V  

The next day I still didnt talk to Zayn. I kept getting dissapproved looks from Louis. he kept in his bunk all day. Everyone else was watching The Dark Knight in the lounge room. But then I thought of something. Why hsould I make the effort to talk to Zayn if hes the one that did me wrong? He should make the effort and he hasnt. I texted Louis that then he texted me back.  


Hes not going to come out here and do it in front of everyone.  


Oh, so now he has to act cool in fron of his friends? Maybe Im being a bitch but I honestly dont care. He accused me of cheating. It pisses me off more than anything. He should know how i feel about that. Hes not stupid!  


Well, Im not going to make an effort than if hes the one who did me wrong, Louÿþ  


I texted him that then he got up. Probably to go tell Zayn. Why did this even have to happen? I try being happy, really. But drama gets in the way and Im sick of it. I got really tired suddenly and got cosy on the couch I put my feet on Niall. He didnt seem to mind sooner or alter I was out like a light.  


"Should I wake her?" I heard someone say.  


"Yes! Do it, lad. Things arent going to fix on their own." Well I least I knew Zayn was there. I graoned and covered my face. I really wanted to be sleeping now. I yawned.  


"Well I think shes alrady up." I heard a different voice say. Damn how many of us were in here? I fluttered my eyes open to see Zayn above me, next to Louis. Of course. Then Everyone else is sitting in the room with us looking at me.  


"Why are you all staring at me?" I ask in my groggily voice.  


"Told you she would be cranky if we woke her up! She always is." Layna says. I narrowed my eyes at her.  


"Nicole, I..." Zayn started. I got up.  


"I really dont want to talk about this now." I said starting to walk away till someone grabbed my wrist i looked back and it was Zayn he looked at me. I stared in his eyes...hurt, sadness, pleading was the emotions I could see from his face. I felt bad. I like him too much to see him hurt. I always feel my old self around him, I feel like my other half is there, I hate it when hes not here with me. I relaxed a bit. Still trying to pull on my stubborn act I said,  




I stayed there waiting for him to go. I nodded my head waiting.  


"Nicole, I am so, so sorry. I know I should have just asked you about everything and I know i should have trusted you. But once I seen all those things I had jealousy and I hated seeing you with someone else. I care for you. I get jealous, I need you all to myself. I love the way you laugh at everything, the way you lke being sarcastic and stubborn, when you''re cuddling next to me quietly sleeping. I love your eyes, smile, lips, hair. I love seeing you blush whenever someone compliments you. I love how strong you are, physically and emotionally. I love the way you're insecure, even though you have no reason to be.,' Where was this leading too? I was almost crying again. This is all so sweet, hes saying this in front of everyone too. Im on the verge of tears. "And Im here in front of everyone telling them this because I want them all to know that I love ÿþyou.ÿþ" He continued and then my tears came out. He said it passionatley and sincerely, looking straight into my eyes. I felt like no one was there but me and him. He came closer to me,  


"No dont cry." He whispered and he wiped the tears away with his thumb. Which made me cry more. My arms were acrossed my chest now.  


"Are ya guys goin to kiss or what?!" Niall said I smiled at him, Zayn leaned in and I put my arms around his neck. We both smiled into the kiss. It was short but passionate since everyone was still there. We pulled back and stared at each other.  


"Do you accept my apology?" He asked.  


I nodded, "Yes." I said and smiled at him, he returned it.  


"I think shes still tired mate, why dont you two go to bed, together ÿþ time." Harry said and giving me a thmbs up. Zayn picked me up bridal style and we went to our bed. he layed me down and then scooched next to me. He put his arm around my shoulder and i hugged his waist.  


"I missed this." He said, I looked up to him, smiled and nodded. I then leaned in and kissed him. It was passionate and he started to lick my bottom lip for entrance I let him in and our tounges danced with love. We both pulled away because we were both out of breath.  


"Zayn?" I said to him looking at him.  


"Yes, love?" He asked.  


"I love you too." I said to him and he grinned. I layed back down and was soon asleep on my boyfriend's chest.  






"Nicole, get up love. We are all heading out to the venue to do soundcheck and we need you up and about in here with Layna." Zayn said I groaned and burried my head in his chest.  


"But, I dont wanna!" I whined, he chucked.  


"I know but come on!" He said and smacked my bum, which made me jump and hit my head on the ceiling. I rubbed my head and narrowed my eyes at him. He dragged me out and we walked to the kitchen. The boys were getting ready to leave.  


"Why dont i have to do soundcheck?" I asked.  


"Simon doesnt think you need one, just use vocaling excersies." Louis answered and I nodded. I sat down and got some Froot Loops. Zayn came and kissed me before leaving.  


"I'll be back soon, alright?" He said smiling. I nodded and soon all 5 boys were out of the house.  


"Girl time, finally!" I said to Layna. I feel like i havent talked to her in forever. She laughed and nodded to me. We decided to bond by watching Monsters Inc. our all tie favorite movie that we used to watch all the time!  


"If I was a monster I'd date Mike." Layna said laughing. I nodded.  


"I think Sully is more my type!" I said playing along. We use to do this all the time as kids.  


"Good, cause Mike is mine!" She said. We watched the movie for a few more minutes.  


"So how are you and Harry doing?" I asked. She nodded  


"Good! I really do like him, I think he likes my back. We dont really do much in front of everyone. Zayn is so caring and he shows it infront of people! Harry, not as much." She said. Harry is like in love with her!  


"Harry loves you girl! But you dont like it really, maybe he likes keeping things more private. Some guys are like that." I said reassuring. She smiled.  


"Its also a good thing alot of times." I added which i think convinced her.  


"Look at my man and his caring ways!" I laughed at Layna joking about Sully.  


"Who?" Zayn said coming in smiling. I looked at him and smiled and hecame and sat down next to me.  


"You have some competition." I said grinning. His face turned serious for a sex.  


"Oh yeah, who?"  


"Sully." I said to him still smiling. He laughed.  


"I think I can beat him, right?" He said wrapping his arms around my wasit and kissing my jawline. this night was going to be fun. I was still nervous abotu my first concert though. I think Zayn could tell.  


"dont be nervous about tonight, babe. It will go perfect." He said to me and I pecked him on the lips and smiled.  


"I hope so."

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