Stole My Heart...One Step At A Time.

Nicole Stevens, an ordinary girl, shes had a horrible past, with boys, her mother dying, also a sister she never got to meet. But will a boy from a famous boy band change it all? Will he help her to stop hurting herself? Or will it just cause more pain? Will she even give him a chance? Or maybe will she get her dream come true? Even a career ahead of her life? Read more to find out!(:


15. Another Day at the Beach

Nikki's P.O.V
 Friday came by fast. Even though when we got asked it was Wednesday. I was just now getting dressed. I put my bikini on under a pair of white shorts and my pink high-show tank top. Not showing too much stomache though. I was leaving my hair wavy since it was probably going to get wet anyway and just mascara on. I really didnt feel like looking like a racoon today. I felt warm arms wrap around my waist as I was putting towels in my bag. I smiled and turned to face Zayn.
"You are happy." I said smiling at him and he just shrugged.
"I dont know maybe because I get to go to the beach with my beautiful girlfriend." 
"Are you going to go into the water?" I asked, I remembered him telling me he was afraid of water.
"...Yes. Only till it hits my waist though, and only if you come with me." I smield at hm and grabbed my bag. I grabbed his hands and pulled him down stairs. Everyone was in the living room already just sitting and talking. 
"Are ya guys ready?" I asked happily, then texted Braxton.
'We are on our way.! (:' We all piled into Louis's van. I was in between Liam and Zayn all the way in the back. Louis and Niall were in the front, and Harry and Layna were in front of us three. 
"How are you Liam?" I asked, hoping he would understand with me what I meant. 
He nodded.
"I am pretty good actually." He said smiling. I nodded at him. Im glad he was finally happy. I was closest with him and Louis, so I cared about them more. Probably most closest to Louis though. He was the first one I told about me and Zayn. Then I got the whole 'I told you so.' Lecture from him. Typical sassy Louis. 
"Are your friends hot?" Niall bluntly asked. I laughed. 
"Well Im not gonna call them hot, because Im not lesbian but they are pretty!" 
The ride there didnt take long. And thank the lord there was no one there but Braxton and De'Asha. I really didnt want to spend the whole day with 100 girls around us. We all got out and met the two of them where they were located. 
"Braxton De'Asha!" I screamed as I ran to them and tackled them to the ground. I had missed them both so much. I rarely see them, which I hated since they were my closest friends. Braxton was gorgeous! She had medium straight brown-black hair. She was skinny and had a button nose and was whiter than snow. De"Asha had a darker skin tone,brown air and short striahgt dark hair with blonde highlights. Both of them were gorgeous! 
"Uhm, Nicole, get your big but off of me!" Braxton said and I started laughing and got off and stood up to brush sand off of me.  I turned around and to see 5 boys running at me and then tackled me. 
"What was that for?" I yelled being squished by 5 boys. 
"To make you feel the pain as they did!" Niall said.
"Are you saying I wiegh the same as you?!" 
"Get off of me!" I said and then all of them got off. I got up. Zayn pouted at me and came to hug me. I backed away and shook my head.
"You called me fat." I said smiling. 
"I didnt say it! That was Niall."
"You still agreed though." I said. THen Zayn started running towards me. I quickly ran away.
 We probably ran in circles for about 5 minutes. Then I started to slow down, but only to be tackled into the sand by Zayn. I turned so I was facing him. 
"Ow!" I said. The ground was not as soft as it looked, he quickly got up and helped me up.
"Sorry." He said scratched the back of his neck, looking down. I laughed and hugged him.
"Im fine really." We started to walk torwards the group, hand in hand. Everyone was already talking. 
"Well I guess I dont have to introduce anyone?" I said.
"No with you and Zayn running around we did it ourselves!" De'Asha said and then smiled. Her sarcastic ways. I laughed.
"So why did you didnt you tell me sooner that you and Zayn were like a thing?!" Braxton exclaimed. I laughed.
"Well, it just happened like two-days ago." I said shyly. I hated being put on the spot when it comes with relationships.
"Well, you guys are adorable!" She said laughing. 
"Well, who wants to go swimming?" Louis said. Then all of us stripped down into our bathing suits and ran into the water.  I dragged Zayn in the water. He wouldnt go past his waist. Everyone else was far up. I didnt mind being there with Zayn though. He wrapped his arms around my waist. 
"I remember last time we were at a beach and you were totally checking out my sexy body." He said then winkied at me. I rolled my eyes.
"Yeah right, and what do yo have to say about yourself, Mr.MyEyesJustNaturallyLookUpAndDown? You checked me out too."
"So you admitted that you were checking me out!" He said then I blushed. 
"Its okay, everyone likes my body." He said then laughed I hit him playfully then splashed water at him. 
"Okay, you are getting it!" He said then tackled me underwater. Once we surfaced I glared at him. 
"I thought little Zayn was scared of water?" I said jokingly.
"Well when Im in water thats only up to my waist, I think Im going to be okay.  
I looked over at everyone else and saw Braxton and Liam talking and laughing. Same with Niall and De'Asha. I looked at Zayn than wiggled my eyebrows.
"Is someone playing matchmaker?" I nodded. This would be great! 
"Come on Nicole, Liam just got broken up with, I dont think he honestly woul-" He stopped and looked in there direction. I looked and saw Liam throwing Braxton over his shoulder. Awe!
"Hm, is someone wrong? Come on, tell me Im right." I said laughing.
"That doesnt mean they are going to be dating!"
"Its a sign closer."  Then I started to shiver, I didnt realize how cold the water is. Zayn picked me up bridal style. 
"Someone cold?" He asked. I nodded and he walked out of the water. He sat me down on a towel and then sat next to me.  Then everyone else came back up. 
"Im hungry!" Niall groaned. 
"You know I think there is an ice cream shop around the corner, if anyone wants to go walk up there?" I said pointing to the corner. Everyone wanted to go. We all started walking it was only a 5-minute walk.  
In the middle of our walk there Louis decided to jump on my back. 
"Louis! What are you doing?" I said trying to grab his legs so he didnt fall.
"...I dont know. But it seemed like fun!" He said then laughed.
"You know, you are alot heavier than you look." I stated then he jumped off. We all arrived to the ice cream shop and ordered what we wanted. I got my favorite, cookies and cream. Of course, Niall got two cones. 
"Oh yeah, Braxton and De'Asha guess what?" I said on our way back. 
"What?" They both said. 
"I get to go on tour with the boys, like actually sing in front of a crowd!" I said, They started screaming and ran to hug me.
"Your dream finally came true!" De'Asha said. I never realized that. Ive been dreaming to perform in front of people since I was in middle school. 
"Well, we are happy for you, but you better text us all the time!" Braxton said .  Zayn then wrapped hsi arm around my shoulder. 
"You never told me that was your dream." He whispered. I shrugged. 
"I guess it just slipped my mind. Ive always been quite shy about singing." He chuckled. As we were walking back we saw a big black fan drive around us. It looked ver suspicious so when we got back I packed everything in my bag just in case. 
"Why are you packing everything?! I dont wnat to leave!" Harry whined. 
"We arent, but there is a big black van driving around and I dont like it." I stated. Zayn looked at the boys then they looked at Zayn.
"What?" I said cautiously. Then I heard a flash. I looked and there was paparazzi. 
"Shit." All the boys said. Everyone grabbed everything and Zayn pulled me into the van by the waist. I was still in my bikini. I quickly said my goodbyes to Braxton and De'Asha. Louis pulled out and tried to lose the paps. 
"Hey, Nikki can you give me Braxtons number?" Liam said.
"Yeah, give me De'Ashas too!" Niall said. I laughed. I knew they both liked them. 
"Gladly." I murrmured. Zayn heard and shook his head as I gave the boys the numbers. 
"What?" I said to him.
"Nothing, just nothing." He said laughing. I leaned into him. 
"Zayn? What if the paparazzi got a photo of me and you? I was only in my bikini! You know how much hate mail I will get." I said. He sighed.
"Well, they are just going to have to deal with it. I mean, they dont know you. They cant make judgements. If they were at a beach they would be in a bikini too, correct?" He said. I shrugged. I really didnt want to go on Twitter. 
"Alright, I think I lost them." Louis said, then drove us all back to my house.Right when we entered;
"Im hungry!" Niall said.
"Niall, if you eat one more thing, you are going to have a stomache ache." Liam said, being the daddy directioner he is. 

Later that night all of us decided to watch a movie. We all decided on Bad Teacher. 
"Hey you guys?" Layna said,which made us all turn our heads towards her. 
"What am I suppose to do when all of you go on tour?" She said quietly. Well I never thought about that. 
"I'll just bring you." Harry stated, 
"Harry you know you mangement wont allow that." Liam said.
"What are they going to do? Fire me? They cant." 
"Harry no. We cant." Zayn said. 
"And why not?"
"Because mangement wont allow it, we cant break the rules." Liam said.  We all then looked at Layna. What was she going to do? 

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