Stole My Heart...One Step At A Time.

Nicole Stevens, an ordinary girl, shes had a horrible past, with boys, her mother dying, also a sister she never got to meet. But will a boy from a famous boy band change it all? Will he help her to stop hurting herself? Or will it just cause more pain? Will she even give him a chance? Or maybe will she get her dream come true? Even a career ahead of her life? Read more to find out!(:


26. A Second Chance?

Nikki's P.O.V

"On in 2 Nikki." The stagehand said. I sighed, it was very shaky if I may add. I was way too nervous now. Zayn walked in and smiled sadly at me. I smiled back and put my arms around his waist. I reached up and kissed him. 

"I'll be fine." I whispered. His eyes brightened up. 

"Come on, Ive got an idea." He said really low and grabbed my hand. He was rishing till we were on the side of the stage,behind the curtain. 

"Stay here. Im going to do something, okay?" He said and smiled. I gave him a confused look. He grabbed a mic and rushed on stage. All of the fans screamed like bloddy murder. 

"Alright! Now all of you Directioners listen up please, you all know the opening act, and my lovely girlfriend Nicole Stevens!" He said and I smacked my forehead. Nice move, Zayn. He looked at me and winked. 

"Well, all of you boo her off stage. And she has amazing talent, theres no need at all to boo her just because she is apart of my life. I like her alot, and she cried her last eprformance, because she thinks shes not good enough. So if you are a true fan, you will respect her just like you respect me!" He said and everyone was silent. I smiled. Did he really do that for me? I love him so much. 

"How does that sound, can we welcome her out now?" He asked, then their were screams. I felt a little better now and when he walked back, kissed me and handed me the mircrophone. 

"Break a leg, babe." He said and kissed me on the cheek
I walked out, with a little more confidnece then. I decided I should sing We Are Never Getting back Together by Taylor Swift. ...

Everyone was screaming my name. Or it seemed like everyone. i smiled brightly. I bowed, then walked off stage. I ran to Zayn and put my legs around his torso and wrapped my arms around his neck. I kissed him. 

"That. Was. Amazing." I said when he pulled apart. He smiled. 

"Finally feeling the concert rush, ehh?" Niall asked. I nodded at him smililng. I had adreneline pumped through y viens. I was so happy! I looked back at Zayn and kissed him agian.

"Geez, you guys need to stop making babie, your are going to be the next Octomom soon!" Louis said. I smiled ino our kiss but didnt break apart. I was too happy too. Zayn finally pulled apart.

"Im sorry babe, but I have to get on stage soon. I would love to do this when I get done though." He said then winked. i laughed then jumped down. They all walked on stage. I ran to my makeup artist and she fixed my up and re-curled some pieces of my hair. I changed into some white skinny jeans and a dark blue lace sleevless shirt with a blk tnaktop under it. I felt cooled down and refreshed after. I grabbed a water and decided to lay on the couch. I was super exhausted. I grabbed y phone and went on twitter. 

You would not believe what was trending. 


I was so shocked. I checked my mentions and people were giving me love, not hate. I smield at my phone. This was just amazing! I got bored checking my mentions and sooner or later fell asleep on the couch. 

"NICOLE FREAKING STEVENS. WAKE YOUR LAZY ASS UP. YOUR BESTFRIEND IS HERE!" I heard someone scream. I laughed as I woke up. I stretched up and opened my eyes and there was Braxton herself standing there smiling with her dimples showing. I screamed, jumped up and had my legs around her torso like I was doing  to Zayn earlier. 

"OMFG I MISSED YOU SOO MUCH!" I screamed and me and her both starter laughing. I could even see her because my hands were around her head. 

"Could you get off me now?!" She asked. Right then those 5 sweaty boys of mine walked in. 

"So I have competition now?" Zayn said as he grabbed a rag and wiped his face. I hopped off and ran to him to giive  him a hug. 

"Sorry I didnt watch you guys." I said to all of them, Louis pouted his lip out.

"Traitor." He stated. I smiled at me then stuck my tounge out at him. 

"Its alright, love. I knew you were tired." Zayn said and kissed the top if my head. I looked at Liam and his wieght shifted to his right leg. He was nervous. Why? They have been on a date before and have seen each other in person before. Braxton looked at me and I shrugged. 

"Well, then lets get going back to the hotel!"  I exclaimed. 

We have arrived to the hotel and all going to our rooms. I had an extra bed in my room, but I didnt know if Braxton wanted to be with my and Zayn all night..

"I am not going to watch you freaking love birds make babies all night!" She said to me and i laughed. 

"Well then, who are you going to stay with?" 

"Im going to ask Liam. He keeps acting distant with me! I dont know I look bad?" She asked all worried. I shook my head.

"Girl, you look gorgeous!" I said and put my arm around her. We laughed and chit chatted till we got to our rooms. Zayn looked at me, probably wondering if Braton was going to be with us. 

"Um Liam, we need to catch up! You dont mind if I stay with you guys, right? Plus, I dont need to watch Nicole and Zayn make babies all night!" She said the last part very loudly, which i blushed. Liam nodded and smiled. I sure hope he stops all this awkward stuff. Im going to get them together. Even if it takes her whole stay. I said goodnight and went to my room with Zayn. We didnt stay up very long, we were both exhausted. But when I layed there with Zayns arms around me, i kept thinking about Braxton's statement. Making babies...I mean we havent done that yet. Did he want too? Did I want too? I was scared..Ive never done it before, well with actual meaning. I mean its something alot of girls get nervous. I wasnt nervous it would hurt. But just doing it, since I never really have. Im sure Zayn wants too..we have been dating a while but he was being respectful and hasnt brought it up at all. I will do it when the time comes.  

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