Stole My Heart...One Step At A Time.

Nicole Stevens, an ordinary girl, shes had a horrible past, with boys, her mother dying, also a sister she never got to meet. But will a boy from a famous boy band change it all? Will he help her to stop hurting herself? Or will it just cause more pain? Will she even give him a chance? Or maybe will she get her dream come true? Even a career ahead of her life? Read more to find out!(:


8. A Date?


Where could Zayn be? Hes been out majority of the day.

"Nikki!" Louis said with a grin.
"Go get all dolled up, I have to take you somewhere by request. And they said its important so hurry you have one hour!" He said then continued, "BREAK!" He screamed, whic quite worked since I jumped up and ran to me room. But what was this for? Curiosity was killing me. I just sighed and went to my closet, how important was this? Ugh, I guess I just hope for the best and grabbed my strapless white hollister dress that came right to my knees. It had a navy colored bow right under the bust and was set to the left. I then curled my hair but I let it more loose then normal and let it all fall on one side. Then slipped on my navy flats that also had a little bow and did a little bit of makeup. I looked at the time and I had 10 mins to spare. So, I just walked down stairs.

"What are you all dressed up for?" Layna asked while she was on her phone.
"I dont know." she gave me a confused look so I told her the story then walked to the kitchen. All 4 boys there stood eating. Then looked at me and wouldt take there eyes off of me. 
"Well, you look amazing." Louis said, i blushed and looked down.
"The way you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell, you dont know- oh oh! You dont know you're beautiful!" Harry started singing.
"Gosh Harry! Stop!" I said while laughing. I then walked to open the cupbourd then it was slammed shut.
"No eating, you are going to eat where Im taking you.' Louis said I pouted and gave him the puppy eyes.
"Stop it! They are working go look at Liam or something." I smiled. Wait a sec.

"Isnt Zayn coming?" I asked. 
"He is going to meet us there since hes out right now." Liam answered.
None of them answered. Just laughed amongst themselves. 
"Come on lets go." Niall said outting his hand on my shoulder. I just pouted and went to the car. 

"How long is it till we get there?"
"10 mins."
"Who is all gonna be there?"
"You will have to wait and see" 
"Stop asking questions,Nikki! You will see!" Harry said. I groaned and then pouted the whole way there. Suddenly we arrived at a park. also it was 11:30pm.

"Why are we at a park at,,,11:30 at night?" I asked.
"Surprise!" Niall said. i rolled my eyes and got out of the car. 
"Now, go walk up the a tree, me and the lads are gonna wait a second okay?" Louis said, i nodded and started to walk. It wasnt a very steep hill. I just kept walking looking around. god, it was so dark. I say light ahead and just headed that way. One I got completly over the hill, I stopped and was staring at what was ahead. There was one tree that had lights up all in the branches, then a red plaid blanket on the ground with two plates and sandwitches on them with two Coke cans. I smiled then looked up to see Zayn, leaning against the tree. He had jeans, a blue t-shirt then a jumper over it. I probably looked too dressy. Shit. 
"Are ya just going to stand there or are you going to join me?" He asked flashing his smile. I walked over and hugged him.
"Did you do all of this?" I asked still hugging him.
"Mhm, thats why i've been out all day, preparing for it." He said looking down at me. I  let go and sat, like a lady since i had a dress on, on the blanket and he sat across from me. 
"Well at least I know why I couldnt eat." I said laughing he chuckled too.
"I feel to dressy for this, Louis didnt tell me any ideas of how i should ave dressed or anything and I hate that feeling." I said frowning a bit. Zayn leaned over and whispered "You loook perfect." Then kissed my cheek. I blushed then continued eating. Once we were both done, we were both laying on the blanket, looking up at the stars. 
"Look theres the big dipper." He said pointing up to it.
"I dont get how people can see constellations, all I see are a bunch of stars together." I said still looking up at the sky. 
"Its because you have no imagination." He joked, I could hear the smile on his face and he looked at me, I looked back.
"That was killed a long time ago." I said so quietly I didnt even think he heard, but I was wrong. He grabbed my hand that I had scars on. 
"Will you please tell me why you do this?" He asked seriously, I sat up and so did he. This was going to be a long night at this rate. 
"Well, its not all because of my mom. Ive just had trouble through out life." I stated, looking at my wrists.
"Like what?"
"Its a long story."
"I have the time." 
I sighed knowing he wastn going to give up.
"When I was growing up there was one thing on my mind; love." I said and looked up at him.
"But thats in every girls mind at my age. Everyone getting their first crush,kiss, their first love then when you are old enough your first time. For me, it was completley different." I stopped for a second as he grabbed my hand again.
"How so?"
I looked back down knowing the tears would be coming for sure.
"Well, when I was 14 my boyfriend at the time was usually super sweet and all but then he was drunk the night I walked to his house. His parents were never home and Im guessing there was beer in the fridge. But that night was different.....he- he malested me." Right when i started remember that horrible memory tears started coming. Zayns grip on my hand tightened and he pulled me into a hug. I still continued though since I was already going. 
"I mean I had boyfriends before that, but they had cheated on me, one even abused me, i mean i dont know I did to deserve it. Ive been malested,abused,cheated on, lead on, Ive been played" I said.Looking down and was still in Zayns arms.
"Have you ever..ya know.." I cut him off
"Had sex again?" I looked up and he nodded. 
"No Ive never even had a boyfriend after him. I pushed every boy that tried to talk to me away. Except my bestfriend, Andrew. I trusted him. But I never even dared to think about him that way. I didnt know if he would turn on me." I stated and then looked up at him.
"Nicole, not every boy is a monster you know."
"I know but i dont trust people very easily."
"You are trusting me right now." He saaid, which made me look up to him. I was trusting him. And I didnt seem to care. I honestly dont think Zayn would hurt me. With him and the boys I dont think about my past. they are a great thing that has happened to me. I smiled sadly at the ground, which I was back at staring at.
"You arent going to tell anyone are you?" I asked. He made me look at him and then wiped my tears off my face.
"Of course not. I wont even tell the boys alright?" I smiled at him and nodded. he hugged me, comforting me really. I enjoyed it. 
"Hmm?" He looked nervous which got me nervous with everything I just told him. i gave a confused look.
"Well, I, uhm. I know we really dont know each other that well, like we havent known each other for a long. And I was oping to see if you would want to go on a couple dates with me then me we could..?" He trailed off and stayed silent. I knew what he meant. Be boyfriend and girlfriend. I wouldnt mind dating him right now! But i do agree i need to know more about him. 
"Yes, I would love to." I said offering a smile. He was about to lean in to kiss me but then we heard somone yell.

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