Summer Vacation!

This is a true story about when my mom, sister, my friend Candace and I went to the beach for a week. the cover is a picture of our last day at the beach. From Left to Right Morgan, Christine, Lauren, Candace.


2. The house

We arrived at the hotelish place we were staying at. "last one upstairs is a rotten egg!" Morgan yelled grabbing her bags out of the trunk and running for the door. I grinned and sprinted after her. Climbing up the endless amount of stairs before me. The place was beautiful and of course Morgan claimed the room with the bunk beds. So Candace and I got the room with two twin beds and pictures of the beach. "girls come help me with the rest of the bags" my mom yelled from the kitchen. "Coming" I yelled back running to the kitchen. bumping into my sister on the way.

"Watch it" she said rubbing the spot on her head where i hit her.

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