Summer Vacation!

This is a true story about when my mom, sister, my friend Candace and I went to the beach for a week. the cover is a picture of our last day at the beach. From Left to Right Morgan, Christine, Lauren, Candace.


1. On our way

This is some info about the people in this story.

Lauren:(me) long golden brown hair, blue gray green eyes. completely random and obsessive at times also the most mature out of everybody.

Candace:Laurens BFF long dirty blond hair, gray eyes. Craziest most random person I have ever met, must keep fed or people get hurt.

Morgan:Laurens little sister, long dark brown hair, hazel eyes. One of the smartest most evil person I have ever met.

Christine:Morgans friend, short red hair, blue eyes. One of the worlds biggest divas and sassy girl.

Those are the main characters in this story.


"Candace come on I want to go to the beach already!" i yelled at Candace who was slowly putting her bags in the car just to annoy me.

"Almost there" she said and jumped into the backseat. i sat down next to her almost jumping on top of her.

"Here want some gum?" i asked offering her a piece of my favorite gum, she shook her head no thanks.

"Lets get going." my mom said closing the trunk and getting into the drivers seat. Yay i could not wait to spend the whole week with one of my best friends at the BEACH! we started off in silence listening to songs on my ipod. then my little sister Morgan shouted,

"punch buggy blue no punch backs!" and punched Candace in the arm, who in turn punched her back so the rest of the car ride was an epic battle between Candace and Morgan.

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