Love over Jealousy! (1D Love Story) Sequel to NTMYA. II Finished.

Sequel to Nice to Meet you again. Please read that first before you read this book. It'll make much more sense, in my opinion.

Kelly and her best friend Angel are on tour with One Direction. Angel asked out Harry. A part of Kelly was torn. But she does have a boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson. Kelly loves him, don't get her wrong. At first she was so sure Harry would have said no. Surprisingly he said yes. Little did she know, Harry said yes to her best friend because he wanted Kelly to be jealous not because he loved her. Harry and Kelly had a weird past. It started with a mystery kiss and then Kelly winning a contest to join them on tour. Harry made a big mistake and now wants her back. WIll it be Love over jealousy? Or jealousy over Love?


13. Talking to Kelly

Niall's POV

I had a feeling she was feeling stressed out in that hospital so I invited her out for a walk. I was happy she agreed. My natural reaction was to put my arm around her waist. I regretted it at first because she kinda of stood their awkwardly but they she relaxed and we started walking. 

We came to a halt in front of an Asian restaurant. We walked in and sat down. "A medium noodle with beef for me please, and a medium noodle with lamb for the lady. " I ordered. Kelly smiled at me. The waitress nodded and walked away.

Kelly turned to me with a distant look in her eyes. "What's wrong?" I stood up and slid into her side of the booth. I put my arms around her waist as a signal for her to start telling me anything she wanted. "Have you ever had that feeling where you're not sure what to do or feel?" She asked. I nodded. "Of course. I think everyone gets that feeling from time to time." I smiled encouragingly. "If I ask you something will you promise not to tell another person?" She asked. "Yeah, of course. Tell me what's wrong. Nobody else will know." I kissed her cheek. She blushed and gave me a hug. She stayed in my arms and started talking. 

"So I'm dating Louis, but I think you all know that I liked Harry. Like I really really liked Harry in our junior year." She looked at me and I nodded slightly, telling her to go on and so she did. 

"I'm gonna tell you something that isn't even my secret. You'll be the first person other than Harry, Louis and Angel to know, because they were involved in the situation." She said. "I promise I won't tell. You're secrets are always safe with Nialler. I gave her my cutest grin and she chuckled. The food came and she continued to talk while eating.

"Harry kicked me out of our seat on the plane, so I went to sit with Louis. Harry regretted that and said that he wanted me back. That's the reason he flew Angel here. To make me jealous and make me want to date him. During the water incident, he told me that he liked me and wanted a chance to date me. We'd kiss at a party a few years ago and he promised himself he would take the girl he kissed, on a romantic date. I didn't want Angel to get hurt because Harry lied to her so, I promised Harry i'd go on one date with him, if he told Angel the full truth. He of course agreed to the deal and told Angel. When we were in the hospital, Harry told Louis that I had agreed on one date. He said that he didn't want Louis to think I was cheating on him." I processed all that information. That son of a bitc*! How could he! Louis's one of our mates. How could he go and date his girlfriend. Especially his current girlfriend. 

"How could he do that to Louis?" I asked.

"He wanted to go on a date. Just one. I'm not sure if I should go." She said.

"Would Louis be heartbroken? Do you want to do it?" I asked her.

"Louis understands that I had to protect my best friend's heart from being shattered into a million pieces. As for the other question, if this was during my junior school year, I would have said yes without even thinking about it. I liked him so much it hurt. But now, I have a boyfriend. Honestly, I did tell my self that I would go out with Harry, if I got the chance to tell him he kissed me at the party." She answered.

I took in the information and said, "It looks like you want to go on this date. He wants it more badly than you do, but you still want it, just a little bit. Am I right?" I asked. She thought about it and nodded. 

"Thank you, Nialler. I don't know what i'd do without you." She admitted. She kissed my cheek and my heart beat increased. What she doesn't know is that Louis and Harry are not the only two in love with her. I might have some feelings for her too. I don't want to add to the loot of all her pressure right now. I want to be able to hold her everyday, kiss her whenever, and most importantly call her mine. I was genuinely jealous of Louis. She must have seen the pondering look on my face because it was her turn to ask, "What's wrong?" 'Should I tell her?' I thought in my head. 

"Nothing." I said simply. 

"There has to be something!" She said.

"Nope." I assured her.

"Please, you helped me. I want to help you." She hugged me.

"It's not that I don't want to tell you...." I said slowly, not finishing my sentence.

"Then what is it?" She asked eagerly.

"I don't want it to effect you negatively." I sighed.

"Please." She begged

She would have never guessed what I was about to tell her. I've been told that I'm good at hiding my thoughts and feelings. It comes in handy sometimes. 

Author's Message:

Sorry for the delay! My other story was also delayed because a chapter got deleted after I wrote it. That delay effected this story. It's 2:35am. Random thought: Halloween is coming up! Ahh! Anyways... I'm so tired haha. Sooo.... Going to sleep. Nite. <3 x

[Posted October 28, 2012 @ 2:42am]

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