Love over Jealousy! (1D Love Story) Sequel to NTMYA. II Finished.

Sequel to Nice to Meet you again. Please read that first before you read this book. It'll make much more sense, in my opinion.

Kelly and her best friend Angel are on tour with One Direction. Angel asked out Harry. A part of Kelly was torn. But she does have a boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson. Kelly loves him, don't get her wrong. At first she was so sure Harry would have said no. Surprisingly he said yes. Little did she know, Harry said yes to her best friend because he wanted Kelly to be jealous not because he loved her. Harry and Kelly had a weird past. It started with a mystery kiss and then Kelly winning a contest to join them on tour. Harry made a big mistake and now wants her back. WIll it be Love over jealousy? Or jealousy over Love?


26. It was you....?

Kelly's POV

The kiss was so intense, I got butterflies fluttering inside. I understand that I allowed him to kiss me but it was because he was right there in front of me. He was right, the date was romantic and just right, I mean until he spread chocolate on me, but it was still cute. When I heard the voice up on the land I freaked. Harry dove up first and I followed right behind him.

He whispered, "Look to the left. See the silhouette?" I followed his finger and saw the boy. The man's silhouette. He was hiding slightly behind a bush. Harry still saw him.

I was mad at Louis. Furious, I should say. It all changed when I saw another person. A girl, not hiding. A girl, out in the open. The voice that yelled wasn't Louis's voice. It was a girl's. Harry and I were still holding hands in the water. We ignored the paparazzi as they snapped their pictures. We were focused on the betrayal showed by our friends.

Harry was focused on the Louis hiding behind the bush but I wasn't. The girl, she looks familiar. I couldn't see her properly because I don't have twenty-twenty vision. 

"Is. That. Melanie." I half stated and half asked Harry in a loud whisper.

He followed my gaze and we saw a teenage girl smirking. 

"Melanie!" We both screamed. 

"Yes? Hello, Harry. Hi, Kelly." She said calmly. 

I sunk down in the water and slumped my shoulders. Even though I was entirely in water, I was crying. Harry followed me down and tried comforting me. After a few seconds, we both jumped up into the air and took deep breaths and turned around so that the paparazzi could not see our faces. 

I cried, and cried into Harry's chest.

"How could she?" I sobbed.

"Melanie. We shouldn't have trusted the freak." He said with a frown.

"What does she have against me?" I cried out.

"I don't know. Just remember, whatever comes up in the press, just ignore it. I'll get to the bottom of this. Melanie will pay for this. The one thing I'm confused about it why Louis is here." He wondered aloud.

"Come on. Let's go. We can't soak in the middle of the beach all day." I said.

He shrugged but then followed me as we swam to land. We both stood up on the sand but the photographers still took pictures. Harry and I did a silly picture purposely for them. 

"You can go now, your job is done." Melanie said shooing the paparazzi away.

"Why? How could you?" I went all up in her face.

"Calm down little tiger." She said snottily. 

"We are friends!" I yelled at her. 

"We aren't." She stated blandly.

"Then what are you here for?" Harry asked.

"For... you." She said with a grin.

"Me...?" Harry said with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, yes you." She repeated.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because, he's the one I wanted all along. Not Liam. He's an old friend. I used him to get to Harry. Because of Liam, I got to spend a lot more time with this hunk." She said pointing to Harry.

"Well, you know what! He's... my boyfriend!" I yelled in her face.

I saw Harry wink at me but then she slapped me. Using her left hand, she slapped my right cheek. 

"You idiot! He's still mine. A kiss or two means nothing." She laughed with no humour.

"You can't have me." Harry stated confidently.

"And why is that?" She asked with a superior smile.

"I don't want you. I want Kelly." He smiled.

I looked up at him and he grinned at me.

"We're see about that, babe." With that, she turned around and walked away. 

Harry and I looked at each other and ran over to where we saw Louis's silhouette. 

"He's gone." He said.

"Come on. Let's go." I said. We jumped in Raffi's car and we drove back to our hotel.


When we got there, we ran up the stairs, not patient enough to wait for the elevators. 

"Where is he?" Harry screamed. When we reached his hotel room.

"Who?" Niall asked.

I ran up to him and hugged him in an attacking manner.

"Go look for him." I whispered to Harry.

He gave me a nod and ran around the hotel.

Niall and I had the living room to ourselves.

"Tell me everything." Niall said with a concerned tone.

"He and I had a perfect date. He's romantic but not in that cheeky way. Okay, he is a little. We kissed in the water." I smiled as I retold my morning.

"Just to interrupt.... I told you that you'd like him." He smiled.

"Yeah, but that was until paparazzi came." I frowned.

"It's an secluded beach. No paparazzi can go in without someone that knows the people using the beach." He said.

"Melanie and Louis came." I said.

"Why? Wasn't it just you two on a date?" He asked.

"Yeah, it was but Melanie tried to sabotage it. Apparently she used Liam to get to Harry." I said.

"Sounds like the exact situation that happened when Harry used Angel to get to you." He joked.

He quickly regained his seriousness and asked me what Melanie said. I said everything that she said and  he licked his lips.

"This chick is dead. What about Louis?" Niall asked.

"Harry's looking for him. We saw his silhouette from far. We don't know what he has to do with all this." I informed.

"Let's go help Harry look." He said.

We both got up and ran to my hotel room. 

"What the hell, Melanie!" I screamed when I got into the room and saw....

Author's Message:

I know you guys love it when I leave cliffhangers hahaha. This chapter was originally going to be written tomorrow but I saw all the sweet comments and decided, what the heck and wrote this. For those who said Louis... you're kinda correct. But the real person behind it was Melanie. Anyways... today, I spent like an hour or so looking through each comment ever commented on this movella and my first movella, "Nice to Meet you again." 2000+ comments haha. I was looking through it to pick out the users who stood out. The users that either frequently comments the sweetest things ever or the comments from my first movella. Sadly, not every person on the list read both stories but I felt like they were once a big part of my life. I mean, everyone on here is a big part in my journey on Movellas but they were the people I talked to most. I'm including that at the end of the series. Which... may end up being a 3-book series. If readers are interested. :)

Also did anyone watch the last episode of Icarly? I used to love that show. I decided to watch the finale because I mean come on, it was the best show ever. It seriously made me cry.

Oh and by the way, if you know any british slang, please tell me the word and meaning in the comments. I'm obviously not from England, (from Ontario, Canada) so I have no british background. Haha. Wouldn't it be cool to hear some british sayings in this movella? I get to learn as well! 

As well... if you want... tell me your age! I want to get to know y'all. 

Longest author's message I've ever written. Sorry if this is a bore. Apparently my friends told me in the kiss you video, Niall and Harry are actually going to be kissing girls!

One more thing.... Have any of you guys heard of Jack and Finn? If you haven't, search up Jacksgap on youtube. I love their accent. They're funny people. Search them up... I dare you. <3 -Kelly G

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