Love over Jealousy! (1D Love Story) Sequel to NTMYA. II Finished.

Sequel to Nice to Meet you again. Please read that first before you read this book. It'll make much more sense, in my opinion.

Kelly and her best friend Angel are on tour with One Direction. Angel asked out Harry. A part of Kelly was torn. But she does have a boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson. Kelly loves him, don't get her wrong. At first she was so sure Harry would have said no. Surprisingly he said yes. Little did she know, Harry said yes to her best friend because he wanted Kelly to be jealous not because he loved her. Harry and Kelly had a weird past. It started with a mystery kiss and then Kelly winning a contest to join them on tour. Harry made a big mistake and now wants her back. WIll it be Love over jealousy? Or jealousy over Love?


37. Chat with my driver.

Liam's POV

"That was so much fun! I'm knackered!"

"Oh shush. Go to sleep like your girlfriend is." 

"She is able to sleep in rocky car rides, I can't."

Harry was such a child. He always complains and then when someone suggests something, he ignores it. "Just go to sleep!" I pushed him onto Kelly by accident and she jerked up looked at me with confused eyes.

"Sorry." I mouthed. 

She seemed to understand when I hinted to Harry. She knew what a pain in the ass he always was. 

"Come here, hun." Kelly cooed to Harry. 

Just like I thought, Harry laid his head on the shoulder of Kelly.

I rolled my eyes. Everyone in the car was asleep and I was the only one awake.

"How long until we get to the hotel?" I asked the driver.

"About 10 minutes." 

"How about I get to know you. Everyone is asleep."

"Sure, climb up to the front." She instructed.

I climbed out of the third row of seats into the second and then finally into the shot gun seat.

I took a look at Miranda, our driver and smiled.

"I'm Liam." I grinned at her.

"I'm Miranda, as you already know, haha."

She looked about my age, 19. Her laugh was adorable. I grinned stupidly at her.

"How's the celebrity life?" She interrupted my thoughts.

"Same old. My ex almost got all our fans to turn on us. She was a bitch and some other things."

"Ahh. What was her name?"

"To be honest. When we got into this car and you greeted us, your voice reminded us of her voice. It freaked us out but you don't look too much like her. Her name is Melanie Gasparoni."

The colour from her face drained out instantly. "Long dirty blonde hair? about 5'8?" She asked.

"Well, yeah. You don't know her.... do you?"

"Well, can we believe our luck? I'm kinda of like her twin sister..." 

"Are you sure? She's never mentioned a twin..." 

"I'm positive. When she phoned me, or she used to anyways, she would tell me how much fun she was having with someone named Harry. She wanted to make me jealous but I never was."

"Harry? That's my friend back there."

"Styles. No way she was dating him. She was dating you, like you said right?" 

"She lied. Lied to everyone." 

The car stopped abruptly.

"We'll continue this conversation next time." She smiled and unlocked the door. 

Everyone woke up and we all got out of the car.

"What did we miss?" 

"A heck lot."

Author's Message:

Missed all of ya. I've been jet lagged. I'm super sorry. I'm writing this at 6am, before school. My schedule is completely off but it'll resume soon :) Next chapter will be long, as requested. 

BTW Thank you to anyone of you who has sent me a kik message. They are all ultra sweet! I got this really nice one from Noor A. If she's reading this... You're really awesome for sending me that beautiful message :)

Just some good news from my personal life.... I got accepted into Private school! I choose courses for that school in Spring. But I still have to choose courses for my home high school, starting today :)

[Posted January 24, 2013 @ 6:40am]

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