Love over Jealousy! (1D Love Story) Sequel to NTMYA. II Finished.

Sequel to Nice to Meet you again. Please read that first before you read this book. It'll make much more sense, in my opinion.

Kelly and her best friend Angel are on tour with One Direction. Angel asked out Harry. A part of Kelly was torn. But she does have a boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson. Kelly loves him, don't get her wrong. At first she was so sure Harry would have said no. Surprisingly he said yes. Little did she know, Harry said yes to her best friend because he wanted Kelly to be jealous not because he loved her. Harry and Kelly had a weird past. It started with a mystery kiss and then Kelly winning a contest to join them on tour. Harry made a big mistake and now wants her back. WIll it be Love over jealousy? Or jealousy over Love?


18. Angel's Birthday.

Angel's POV

"Ang, come here." Kelly called. 

I obeyed and walked over to her hospital bed. She smiled at me and put her hand in her pocket. Her hand fiddled around until she took out a box from Swarovski. I looked at her with a funny look.

"Happy Birthday." She grinned.

Realization poured into my head. So many events had happened that I forgot my own birthday. "Thank you so much!" I exclaimed happily.

I carefully unwrapped the gift and pulled out a charm bracelet. The carrot for Louis’s joke in one for the video diaries. A spoon because Liam is supposedly scared of spoons. False. A four-leaf clover for Niall’s irishness, a cat for Harry’s obsession with little cats and lastly for Zayn, the words, 'Vas Happenin.' 

"Aww! Thanks! I love this!" I cooed.

"You're welcome. Louis helped me pick this out." She smiled. 

"Oh that guy." I frowned.

"Yeah. It was before the incident." She faked a smile.

I hugged her tightly and made my way over to my chair.

"Hey." A voice came from behind me.

His hands covered my eyes and he said, "Guess who." 

"With that sexy accent... I'm not sure who you are." I joked.

He uncovered my eyes and faced me. "Happy Birthday. Kelly told me it was your birthday when we went to the mall and I decided to get you this." 

He handed me a gift he wrapped himself. I shook it and shrugged. I slowly and carefully unpeeled the wrapping paper. A disgusted look painted on my face. "Ew! What the fuck is 'Unicorn Meat.'" I squealed. 

"Haha. I thought you would have liked that." He laughed. 

"Thanks. Um, I love 'Unicorn Meat.'" I said sarcastically.

"Here's your real gift." He smiled. 

He dragged over a large box. It was not wrapped this time. I opened the box slowly and my mouth gaped open. "A mini vending machine?" I furrowed my eyebrows. 

"Yeah. It's about 3 feet and it's perfect for any room." He said cheekily.

"Haha. Thank you so much Haz!" I hugged him tightly.

"I got this when we went out. I thought you might of liked it." He said.

"I love it! I don't mind that you used me. I'm really happy you told me the truth!" I kissed his cheek. 

He took it to the extremes because he kissed me full on the lips. "It's a birthday kiss." He winked.

I bit my lip as he walked away.

The unexpected happened, Louis walked from his room to join us. 

"Hey." He smiled at me.

"Hi." I said bitterly.

"Can I see you outside?" He asked.

"Fine." I answered.

We walked out into the hallway and he hugged me. I awkwardly hugged him back.

"Happy Birthday. I didn't know it was your birthday until I saw Harry wheeling in a big box that said, 'Happy Birthday Angel' So I quickly made you this card." He gave me a card in a yellow envelope and I opened it.

Dear Angela,

I'm sorry. I didn't know that it was your birthday until I heard a few minutes ago. I quickly got a card and all I want to do is wish you a happy birthday. When we first met, we were not expecting you. Harry brought you in mysteriously and so yeah we've had our differences but today you're turning 19. Have a good one and may your wishes come true.



"Thanks." I said and hugged him. 

"No problem." He smiled.

"Oh, and by the way. I'm sorry for hurting Kelly. I didn't mean to. Are you mad at me?" He asked.

"Lou, you hurt Kelly. You should be saying sorry to her. I'm not mad at you but Kelly might. It's a disagreement between you two, I've got nothing to do with it." I confessed.

He nodded, showing me he understood, but did he really? 

We were interrupted by the sound of running from down the hall. "Happy Birthday Ang!" Liam, Niall, Melanie, and Zayn screamed at the same time.

"Shhhh." The nurse at the desk shushed.

"Thanks guys!" I hugged all of them and Melanie pulled me from the rest of the group to give me a build a bear. 

"Aww! It's adorable. Thank you, Mel." I hugged her. 

"No problem. We haven't talked much but let's change that." She grinned ear to ear. 

We walked back into the room and I saw Louis sitting beside Kelly's bed. Louis had a tear falling down his face. He quickly wiped it away, but I still saw. I wonder what they were talking about.

Author's Message:

My inspiration for writing chapters are really the readers. I know a lot of writers say that but I mean it literally. When I see the 'favourite' count rise up, I go "Aww." And then I see the number of 'likes' increase and I'm like, "These readers are so sweet." Then when I read your comments I'm like, "I have to write a new chapter NOW!" So please fav, like and comment. I always have these sudden urges to stop doing whatever and write a chapter haha. Anyways... This is just a random point but I was reading and watching videos and came upon one article that said, "One Direction are not virgins anymore." I was like whoa! Some of them look so innocent. Also what's up with Liam's bad boy behaviours? Not hating, just curious :) x Love you all. <3

[Posted November 5, 2012 @ 9:12pm]

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