A Guide For Girls: Finding YOUR Perfect

For the Keeping it real competition.

Being a teenage girl is tough, this is my guide to make it as easy as poosible by finding YOUR perfect.


1. Seeking Perfection

Being a teenage girl can be difficult.  Simple statement but very true.  There are many trends to follow, people to be like, friends to make, and grades to get.  You might feel like you have to keep everyone happy (whether this is true for boys too I don’t know).  Many girls feel that if you get into the ‘popular’ group then most of these troubles will ease away.  In most cases this isn’t true.  Being a teenage girl is all about finding your perfect.  Not anyone else’s, yours.  You don’t know what your perfect is until you find it.

My perfect is having a group of really nice friends, who aren’t the ‘popular’.  However they are all pretty in their own way.  This is one of the things that keeps me and my friends grounded as we know we can always rely on each other.  Finding the right sort of friends can be difficult, and when they go wrong often end in tears.  However you have to remember that there are plenty of other really nice girls out there, willing and happy to be your friends, you just have to ask. 

Finding the right style is also important.  That might sounds stupid and bring up a load of stereotypes into your head however being confident with your appearance a necessary part of finding your own ‘perfect’.  If you can find your own style or look in which you feel confident in, then it helps keep you happy.  It doesn’t matter what other people think, go with your instinct.  If you like it then it doesn’t matter what they think.  If girls can be confident and comfortable in their clothes then they can concentrate more on achieving well.  You could be revising instead of worrying when the next season of clothes is out in Top Shop.  Who need to keep with the trend if you have your own look?  Remember this wierd little sum: 


This says that Confidence and Comfort creates Concentration.  This leads me on to the next thing.  School and grades.   It can be hard to juggle school work and your social life.  Parents also have a part to play in this.  You may be happily living your ‘perfect’ with your fantastic new friends and image and school is just another opportunity to have fun.  But then come parents evening and it is not good news.  Your grades haven’t improved by as much as they should have and your parents aren’t very happy.  What happens next you wonder?  Well, you normally get smothered with extra school work consequently less time with your friends.  This upsets your balance of perfect and it all goes wrong.  Instead of getting into this mess in the first place, it’s easy to avoid.  You have to remember that lessons aren’t for gossiping and having a laugh at Mr M’s accent.  They are for learning.  Joke about it later, in the generous amount of break you get.  Also if you are going out with your best friend Macy on a school night, why don’t you suggest that you both come round yours to do your homework.  This is a way to do homework in a (dare I say it) more fun way and also ensures you don’t have to make up an excuse for the next day.  Finally, over the weekend we all want to have fun.  But there’s one thing stopping you: homework.  Why don’t you just get it done on the Friday night instead?  Of course that’s when the roller disco it on but that’s not until seven.  Whilst your brain is still in gear get it over with.  It feels horrible at the time but afterward you don’t regret it.

To conclude.  Being a teenage girl is often hard.  But once you’ve found your ‘perfect’ then you can live life to the max.  You can never live a day again, no matter how much you want to, so grasp your perfect with two hands and never let go.  Remember one thing, everyone’s different and so are their ‘perfects’.

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