Tasteless In McBridle

After graduating from college and no job, I decided to take a trip to visit a part of my family in another country. It was a 12hrs flight from the city where I lived to their tiny town. I was ready for it and the adventure begins right from my rundown apartment in the busy side of the city.


3. Joe and no Joy.

As I walked into the office, Risa the secretary was looking at me from the corner of her eyes.

Good morning, Risa.

Good Morning. You had three calls already this morning and Joe would like to see you in his office.

Oh Lord. What's he going to tell me. I thought as I went straight to my desk and dropped my purse. I was so hungry and even sleepy. I strenghtened my skirt and knocked on his door.

Come in!

I opened the door and walked in. He was sitting in his huge chair facing the window and reading a paper. Mr. Joe was a large man with a bald head. He was always suited even in the hottest days of summer. And he loved to drink hot coffee even when the weather is hot. There were two large cups of coffee on the table. One was already empty and the other half way empty. There were open letters and papers strewn all over the table.

Good morning Mr. Joe.

Good morning Ella. The university is cutting down staff. He short off right away. As he turned around in his chair.

Apparently they think some non academic staff members are not needed. So... He shoved a white envelope towards me. I'm sorry we have to cut your services here.

Mr. Joe, if it's because I came in late this morning...

No. No. NO. He interrupted. You have been punctual most times. But the university is no longer budgeting for some services. And I can't keep you here for free. Ella, you've been a dedicated employee and I'm sure you will get a better and well paying job than this.

Yes. He was right. I can getter a better job. Most importantly, a well paying Job. After all I get paid just eight dollars an hour. I was being under paid, I knew that, but the problem is that I was yet to find that better job.

Now, I can write you a recommendation letter if you need one? Mr. Joe continued as he sipped on his cofee.

What are we in? College? I thought to myself. Well, literally we were, but I wasn't his student. And he wasn't my professor.

Oh Sure Mr. Joe, I will appreciate that. I said as I gave him a broad smile.

He nodded. I'll give you a ring when I'm done.

Thank you. I said as I left his office. Risa was looking into her makeup mirror as she applied more lipstick on her lips. They were so bright red. Well, at least her hair was looking much better today. She had them pulled back in a ponytail unlike the unruly mane she usually spots.

Girl! You look horrible today. She said, looking up from her mirror. You've got no make-up on.

I actually had some eyeliner on. But with Risa, she needed to see a pound of make up on your face to believe.

Yes. I was running late.

I know. And I wondered why. You don't usually come in late except when your car is messing up. She replied.

It did today. But I woke up late. Couldn't sleep well.

What? Did your roommate invite her boyfriend again? She shot me a grin.

Oh no. Not again. I said. Remembering what she was referring to. I told her about Ger and her boyfriend.

Ger had invited her boyfriend over to the apartment once when his place was being fumigated. The bad thing is that she didn't tell me ahead of time. They came in late at night, and had sex all through. Now Ger sleeps on the top bunk. Imagine two people on top going at it. I thought the bunk was going to cave in. I had assumed they were going to sleep until I heard the moaning deep in my sleep. I had to give them room as I took a drive down to the coffee shop and spent some hours there. As was expected, I had little or no sleep.

I walked back to my desk and started clearing it.

Oh no, he didn't! Risa sounded alarmed as she walked behind me.

Yes he did. I said.

What are you going to do now? She said referring to my apparent layoff.

Keep looking for a job. I replied

You poor thing. I'll let you know if I see anyone hiring somewhere.

Thanks Risa.

There was a beep on the intercom. I answered and it was Mr. Joe on the other end.

Ella, come to my office.

I walked back to his office and he handed me another envelope.

Here is your recommendation letter. Now feel free to call me at anytime if you need my help.

Thank you Mr. Joe. I appreciate. I said as I took the letter and headed out.

You've got my personal phone number right? Risa asked me as I came out.

Yes. I do.

Good. I've got yours and I'll keep in touch. She said.

I grabbed my purse and a box containing my stuff and headed out.

Good bye Risa. I will keep in touch.

Bye girl, and try and get some sleep.

I smiled and walked out the door. In my mind I was thinking. What's next? Will I get a job? Any job soon enough to be able to pay my bills? My rent was due and I really needed work done on my car. I had a lot on my mind. The past eight months after graduation hasn't been easy. I was trying to sort things out, get a good job and move out of that run down apartment.

Now I have to think what my next move will be. It was hot outside, with the sun so bright. I got in my car, and prayed for a miracle...


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