Tasteless In McBridle

After graduating from college and no job, I decided to take a trip to visit a part of my family in another country. It was a 12hrs flight from the city where I lived to their tiny town. I was ready for it and the adventure begins right from my rundown apartment in the busy side of the city.


1. Still in the City

I rolled in bed, tossed around, changed head position, but I was still not getting a good night sleep. My bed was a bunk bed, it was the only thing that could fit into the 10'3"*13'  room. And no, I wasn't in a dorm room. But it sure felt like one. I was staying in an apartment room, the cheapest I could get in this part of the city. It's about 5-10 minutes walk to the open market, the library, the church which I hardly attended and most importantly the coffe shop and the beach. And a mere 10 minutes drive to the university. My roommate and I decided on the bunk bed, so we can have some space to move around. It didn't mean the room became big enough.

Yes I have a roommate, Geraldine. She prefers to be called Ger. Whatever that means. She has hardly stayed in the room ever since she met that boy at the movies. Which is a good thing for me. I get to stay in the room and listen to the Snowballs on the radio all day long. I love that group. Dishing out their pop tunes to my delight. I could even remember their latest single as I tossed once more in bed- Roll me like a dice.

Roll me like a dice, baby

Teach me things I want to know

As long as it's you, the thoughts of you,

Makes me sleep like a baby!

I sure wasn't sleeping like a baby, but I was rolling like a dice. Just couldn't wait until daybreak. I was so in need of a warm coffee to get me through.

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