The Girl in the Red Dress

Scarlett is a simple girl. She has moved around so many times of her parents work, she now longer calls anywhere home. She is terrible at math, and loves to write. As far as she knows, she is normal. That is until, she meets a boy. His name is Johnathan, but he is know in the community as 'The Fly' for his outstanding skills in high school football. Scarlett doesn't trust the charming small-town star, she can feel something is off.


1. Prologue

Scarlet woke up from her nightmare with a start. Her heart slammed against her chest and sweat glistened on her forehead. If this happened any more, she would never be able to sleep again. The dreams were getting worst. In each and every dream she had, someone died. It could be her, it could be a friend, even a family member. It didn't matter. The only thing that was constant was death and a single feather. They were blood red and appeared periodically, always just in the corner of Scarlet's eye. She could only make it out if she really focused.

Scarlet sat up in on her creaky mattress the old flooring of the house groaning at the shift in weight. She leaned over to turn on her lamp when something red caught the corner of her eye. She lunged for the light switch. The dim lighting just barely touched the corners of the room. Her heart continued to race, the oxygen seemed to not be reaching her lungs. Scarlet's eyes widened at the opposite wall of her bedroom. Across the entire stretch, even on the ceiling and the floor, was a giant pair of wings painted in bright red. Blood. There was wings of blood painted on her bedroom wall. 

A floorboard squeaked and Scarlet held her breath. 

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