The story behide the girl and the new boy

This a story about Nicole and how this new boy changes her life.


1. A regular day in my life.



BEEP BEEP BEEP! goes my alarm I think to myself here goes another horrible day at high school. My high school is full of three kinds of people popular, normal, and loners and on a good day I consider myself a normal. The popular guys all are jerks and do not even get me started on the popular girls they dress completely inappropriate for school talk to loud, and always seek attention. The Normals are quiet nice funny and friendly. Last, but not least are the loners, I feel bad for them sometimes I talk to some of them they are actually really nice I wish people were not so judging. Anyway I take a quick shower then go downstairs to eat breakfast alone because I am an only child and my parents are always working so they are never home I guess you get used to it after a while though. I get to school I go through my day and its almost half way over (thank god!) but on my way to biology I bump into the meanest of all the popular girls Tiffany. Tiffany is a blonde with bright blue eyes; Tiffany and I used to be best friends till she thought she became too cool for me, and decide not to be my friend any more. "I'm so sorry tiff." I said to Tiffany while thinking shit I just called her tiff, and were not friends any more "Who are you calling tiff? We’re not friends any more remember? Now beat it loser." She said in that tone that got my veins to start boiling but I just told myself do not let her win your better than her now walk away and that is what I did. In home room my last period class of the day our teacher told us he had great news. That we were getting a new student named Michael Wright. I did not pay that much attention to the fact we were getting a new kid.


Michael:  I woke up sharply at 7:00 am to be ready for my first day of my new high school. I hoped this day would go well, and I would make new friends. I got to school at 7:30 I sat patiently in home room while waiting for everyone to arrive. "Michael Wright come up here and introduce yourself to the class" yelled out my teacher I walk up to the front of the room and swallowed as I begin to say "Hi everybody I am Michael Wright but you can just call me mike if you want, I came here from U.K. which stands for united kingdom." while I was talking I noticed this beautiful girl with long lushes dark brown hair cascading over her shoulders, her eyes were crystal clear and she had a perfect smile but she did not seem to be interested in me or my introductory not once did she look up at me. I decide she was going to be my challenge I want to see what that smile hides and why she was not giving me her attention.

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