I suck at horror, but here goes...a short horror story... when you wake up in a dark room, not remembering anything, and you are told you are here to be 'perfected' what else can you do but fulfill your curiosity?


1. Prologue

Blinking, I carefully pull my frail body up off the filthy tiles below me. Looking around, mysqualid surroundings drip with sewage and mold, and I shriek as my fingertips brush against something green and revolting. The constant drip, drip, drip, as grimy water lands on the mire-filled surface keeping me on the ground.

A mere rag sewn round itself has been draped over me, as a sorry excuse for a gown. Getting up, the harsh, bitter cold stabs my icy feet, stunning me into silence. There are no windows in this room, or even a door, that I can see of. The tiny scampering sounds of rat feet echo through the ghostly room, until even they quieten down when a rustle is heard through the wall somewhere.

An empty hole, so dark it had camouflaged with the wall, saw a small child tread carefully out of its murky, black depths. His bare feet are sore and blistered, not dissimilar from my own. His bllod-stained clothes look as weak as his face, hollow and innocent.

"The Master will see you now." he informs me robotically.

I don't even question it, but I can't help but let my curiosity win. "The Master?"

"Yes." the child answers. "He is a wonderful man. He perfects people."

I decide not to ask further, and find out for myself. I follow the child out of the dark room, until I suddenly remember something.

I don't have clue where on earth I am.

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