I suck at horror, but here goes...a short horror story... when you wake up in a dark room, not remembering anything, and you are told you are here to be 'perfected' what else can you do but fulfill your curiosity?


2. Chapter I

Taken through a number of twisting corridors, the small child never turns round to see if I am still there. Acute sensed must be able to hear me tread, sense my very presence.

"Where are we going?" I inquire, my brow furrowed.

"I told you." He answers automatically. "The master will see you now."

I sigh, and he turns round, and we carry on. When I see a door ahead of us, I ask one last question, trying to find some humanity in the child.

"What is your name?" I question quickly. "He looks at me, and for a second I swear he is about to smile, until a beam of light is cast in front of me, taking away all hope.

A tall, lanky figure lurks in the doorway, looking at me with hungry eyes. His plum jacket contrasts oddly with  apple-green trousers, jet black hair and a small golden pocket watch. "His name is, unnecessary." Of course, I assume the child's name is not unnecessary, but that this man doesn't think it important.

Regardless, the boy scuttles off, and soon fades into the darkness. The man beckons me, his chocolate-smooth voice commanding: "Come. Come here, if you please."

I feel a desperate urge to follow, or at least I think so. My feet just seem to move themselves, while the rest of my body wants to stay put. The feeling rises up my calves and thighs, until both my legs seem magnetically pulled to this man, pacing slowly. Before I know it, my whole body, except my mind, is angled at the figure.

"Yes, maste- wait, what the hell am I doing?" I question. What did I nearly say?

"You nearly obeyed me," he answers, reading my mind. "But you'll submit soon enough, trust me."


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