Just a story.

It's a story about my life. And how everything just changed. My name is Anna. Or, well.. I'm not even sure anymore... if I even have a name.
I may be about 15 years old, still a child. Yes. But I had to grow old. Really fast. Even though, I can't.
And I will say this a lot. I'm not doing this.. so you can read it. I'm doing it for myself. Or.. let's just say that.


2. The day everything changed.

Friday evening. The weather's great, my friends are still acting great.

"What are you doing this weekend?" I ask. Not that I'm actually interested, I just wanna tell them about my own plans.
"Not much, really..." and "Everything, just no you." - I laugh. The classroom is horrible, but we're not going outside. I mean, it's actually pretty cold.
"I'm going to London." I say.
"What? I haven't been there for over a month, or something!" - They look at me. They don't say anything.
"It's over 2 hours away." one of them say.
"I don't care." I answer. I really don't. None of us is smiling now. It's like.. they don't even want me to go.

"Well, see you Monday." I say while taking my bag and coat. So, let's say school's over.


I really want to go alone, really.. I don't really know why, just a feeling.
London's amazing. There's just this.. instant connection, really. It's fantastic.. and if I had a choice, I would stay here forever. The streets are crowded with people, but I don't even mind.

I'm like a tourist when I'm there, really. Okay. So I was walking down the street, just.. relaxing. Again, really.. living the moment, kind of.

Then someone yells. I turn around. I'm not sure if it was at me, but it can't be. I see a man running towards me. There's a young girl behind him. He looks directly at me.. in this.. really weird way. When I see that look on his eyes, I just run. My legs won't really listen to me - and then I can't really remember anything. It's all.. very.. blurry, I'm sorry. I'm trying to remember, but I can't. It's just dark. I hear voices. I keep seeing this man's eyes. And again, him yelling at me. 

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