Becoming One Of Them

The transformation of good to bad and becoming one of them.
But can Harry change her back?


5. Chapter 5

Hope's POV

My head was spinning, My wrists were aching and there was a beeping sound going off in my ear, I released my eyes and saw the surroundings. I was strapped to a chair, In nothing but my underwear. The beeping was my phone on the ground it was flashing


I shuffled the chair foward but a hand grabbed my wrist,

"Not so fast little lady"

The voice was husky and sent shivers down my spine, I turned my head to face him. 

"Are you actually serious Jay?!"

I screamed in his face as he went to pick my phone up, He answered it and put it on loud speaker.

"Babe? Finally where are you?!"

"Zayn help me I-"

Jay shoved his hand in my mouth,Ouch.

"Shutup slut. Now Zaynie. Follow these instructions or she will get hurt"

I bit his hands causing him to retaliate by smacking me in the face,

"Fuck you Jay!"

"Hope?! Are you okay?!"

I wiped the blood on my chin on the ropes which have become loose. But I won't tell him. Jay walked into a different room with my phone, He better not break it it was $500! It's a iPhone 5. Just saying AMAZING! I ripped away the ropes and saw a lifeless looking Joy, Also in just underwear. She was lying on the floor so I ran/tip-toed over to her and shook her.

"Hmm.? Hope? Oh my god whe-"

I put my finger to her lips as I heard footsteps.I ran back to my chair and returned to my original position. Jay came in and bent over me,

"Your pretty boy is coming, With money so we can live together"

He came close to my ear,


Melissa's POV

It had been a day ever since I saw/heard from Harry and Louis. I walked over to my walk-in closet and sat on the ground. I was abit harsh. Okay I was very harsh. I'll say sorry only if he says it first.I grabbed my phone and texted Harry&Louis

'We need to tlk xoxo'



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