Becoming One Of Them

The transformation of good to bad and becoming one of them.
But can Harry change her back?


4. Chapter 4

Joy's POV

"Hey I have a date with Harry in 2 hours!"

Texas burst through the door wearing a pink and black zebra style onesie, I couldn't help but laugh.

"Haha! You need to get out of that and um.."

Hope said before turning her head to the side and placing her index finger on her chin,


I interuppted by jumping up. I'm very impaitent and I get a bit too excited. YAY!

"Yeah, Let's give you a makeover!"

She nodded her head violently and I had to put my hands on her head to stop.


"I love this jacket so much!"

She held up a gorgeous grey and pink baseball jacket, I smiled.

"They grow up so fast"

Me and Hope brushed away a fake tear and paused for a second when we saw the expression on Texas's face turned. She now had tears streaming down her face and sprinted off when I felt a pair of strong hands grab me.

Zayn's POV

"Words will be just words till you bring them to life"

I listened to Another World and it was Niall's part, I mean no homo but he has a beautiful voice. I re-postitioned the headphones resting on the top of my hair lightly and got bored so I checked my twitter.

@Real_Liam_Payne Will the arguing please stop?!

What is that about? I took my Beats off and listened to the screaming and there was a massive thump. I scrambled off of my bed and sped down the stairs.

"Harry what the fuck?!"
Niall said kneeling beside a bloddy Louis, The screaming started again. I coughed slightly and produced a scream.


Everyone fell silent and stared at me, Where the hell did that come from? Oh well I'm proud because they have shutup.

"Him! Fucking slept with my ex girlfriend when we were going out!"

Harry shouted pointing at Louis, Louis looked at me with a dissappointed face. I never knew he could do something like that.. I stormed out and texted Hope. We've become close some how but I guess I just liked her.

To Hope<3

Hey babe just wondering if you wanted to meet up at starbucks in 10? Get back to me <3xxxxxx

My door opened and a worried Harry stepped in.

"Hey Texas hasn't texted me back"

I looked up at him with a sympathetic look, I patted the seat next to me.

"Neither has Hope"

And with that both of our phones vibrated.

From: Unknown

Hello. Hope is mine now. There is no point in looking for her, You will never find her. I also have Texas and Joy what beauties!From your biggest nightmare.

My head spun around to Harry.

"We have to find them"

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