Becoming One Of Them

The transformation of good to bad and becoming one of them.
But can Harry change her back?


3. Chapter 3

Melissa's POV

Ugh that dumb boy just ran off to her, I don't get it. I mean I'm pretty and she's.. Ewh. It makes my eyes hurt just thinking about that thing.


I turn around on my heel to see Harry carrying 'the thing' whilst coughing and brushing the dust out of his hair,

"Oh my god Harry! Your a life saver thanks!"

Hope said running up to him and hugging him whilst he put 'her' down.

"Get off my man! Why did you rescue.. that?! Noone likes her"

I said pushing Hope and Joy off of him,

" Hey hey hey! I like her"

He said looking at her lying on the ground,

"Uh no! You like me more"

He looked up at me with a raised eyebrow,

"I didn't tell you that"

Texas's POV

I woke up in a room, It was pink with purple splatted across the walls. I sat up to see Harry smiling,

"Hey gorgeous"

What did he just say? I stood up, I was in a short white gown which came up to mid-thigh. Wait.. What?!


He stood up to only be wearing some Armani boxers,

"Oh wow sorry"

I said turning away before I felt strong arms wrap around my waist,

"Why sorry baby?"

I sat up in a hospital bed, wait what?! I looked around and saw Hope,Joy and Harry lying on the sofa's fast asleep. I looked at the clock which read '6:30am'


I managed to say it loud enough to wake them all up, some how.

"Texas! Your okay!"

Said Joy wrapping her arms around my neck, or shall I say strangling me! She got pushed away and Hope wrapped her arms around me,

"We thought you were gone. Harry rescued you!"

I looked at him running his fingers through his hair again, I smiled at him and he smiled back showing only one dimple, awh how cute!


I managed out, still gazing into his emerald eyes.

Harry's POV

Her big green eyes stared into mine as I felt my cheeks get hotter, wait what am I doing? Megan.. Oh well. I grabbed my phone out as it vibrated,

From; Megan<3 xxxxxx

It's either me or her. Choose quickly Austin jst askd me out!xxxxxxxxxx

Pfft. Slag. I don't even know why I went out with her? I just guess I got jealous of her and Lou..


To; Megan<3 xxxxxx

Fuck you megan your a slag. I never liked you, Go fuck off to Austin.

Okay maybe it was a bit harsh but I don't care. I sent it and went to my contacts list.

Megan<3 xxxxxx

I pressed delete.

Texas<3 xxxxxxx

I had taken her number when she was asleep.Shh.

To; Texas<3 xxxxxxx

Hey babe. It's Harry just wondering if you wanted to go out with me when your out?<3xxxxx

I sent it and walked out,

"Bye Texas get better!"

I got in my car and drove to the boy's house, I rang the doorbell and the door flew open.

"I guess your superman now Harold!"

Louis shouted at me, Haha. My phone vibrated.

2 new messages- Texas<3 xxxxxxx & Unknown

From;Texas<3 xxxxxxx

Sure Har, I'm coming out tomorrow so meet you at Starbucks 11?<3 xxxxxx

I smiled and threw my fist in the air.

To;Texas<3 xxxxxxxx

Sure see you there babe<3 xxxxx

I sent and opened the Unknown text,


Fuck you Harry. Do you know what it's Louis not Austin he told me not to tell you, I cheated on you with him.but your a DICK so FUCK YOU.

I threw my phone on the ground and stormed up to Louis.


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