Becoming One Of Them

The transformation of good to bad and becoming one of them.
But can Harry change her back?


1. Chapter 1

Texas's POV

I woke up from my gorgeous dream with Harry Styles as the main character,


I said sitting up and smelling the lush smell of pancakes, I jumped out of my bed and threw some clothes on and ran downstairs.

"Good morning sweetie!"

I kissed my mum on the cheek as she gestured me to sit down,

"Pancakes for your first day of year 11!"

I rubbed my belly and grabbed a fork,

"Where's the honeey?"

Mum went into the cupboard and grabbed out a squeezy bottle of honey,

"Here's the honey.. honey!"

I giggled and tucked in,

"I need you to do my makeup in a minute"

I started shaking my head, I put down my fork and stared at her.


"You don't need make-up mum!Your beautiful"

She started shaking her head,

"I wish I was like you sweetie"

I shook my head..again,

"No you don't sorry mum can't going to be late!Love you"

I ran into the hallway collecting my car keys before opening the door and running to my White Range Rover. I pushed my glasses back up my nose before climbing into the car and driving. 'Live While We're Young' Came on the radio, So I had to sing along!

"Let's go crazy crazy crazy until we see the sun"

I'm weird yes, I have green eyes and long curly hair and I'm small:(, 5"6 and I'm in college! I drove into the carpark and got out of the car. I smoothed my skirt down and tucked my tank-top in and wrapped a jacket around me.

"Oh my gosh! Nerd much?"

I heard a girly, annoying voice say behind me ,

"Excuse me?"

I said trying not to be rude,

"I said Nerd Much?"

"Yes and I don't care at least I'm not a slut"

I walked away as I heard a crowd of 'Ohhhh!' and 'You just got owned!' Pathetic..

"Hey heard you bitch the queen bitch there, nice I'm Hope and this is Joy you are?"

"I'm Texas and I did not bitch her"

Joy giggled,

"Yes you did!Noone has stood up to her before!"

I sighed not a very good start to the year,


"What lesson's have you got?"

Hope asked looking down at the sheet we got from our Tutor's,

"Drama first!"

Hope and Joy's jaws dropped,


I jumped in joy with them,

"Nice outfit freak!"

That same annoying voice came from this morning, I looked behind me. She was wearing a white tank-top pulled down to show no clevage,a tight pink skirt and some stilletos with a pink glossy bag. She had straight blonde hair and there was a gorgeous boy next to her, he had curly brown hair with pearcing green eyes, they almost looked farmiliar.

"Megan! Be nice to the girl sorry about her"

The curly haired boy said giving me a handsome smile,

"I'm Harry-"
Megan pulled him away before I could shake his hand he had been holding out,

"Wow that was Harry-"

BRING BRING! The bell interuppted Hope's sentance before we were sent off to Drama.



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