Words Can't Describe

Peyton wanted to get away from her old life and start something new with her best friend Madi. Her whole life flips upside down when she is on her way to a concert with Madi and run out of gas. She finds herself running into the famous boy-band One Direction. Peyton and Madi find themselves torn between the boys as they develop feelings for them. Who will fall for who? Will they get their happy ending like they always wanted? Find out by reading Words Can't Describe!


21. You Owe Me

Peyton's P.O.V.

After a while of playing, I decided to rejoin the boys and Madi. They were all staring at me and smiling like a creep when I walked out. What on Earth were they staring at?!

"Why are you all staring at me?!" No one would answer. I stormed out of the room and went and grabbed my phone. My phone was blowing up with notifications from Twitter! I saw that I was tagged in a tweet. It was Harry.

@Harry_Styles: What do you think of @Peyton_Weng5 so far? :) She's amazing! I love this girl<3.

I walked back out and glanced over at him. What did he mean by "What do you think of her?". I sat down next to Niall and checked all the other tweets. People were saying that I sounded really good and that I was pretty or beautiful. Awwwh, people thought I was beautiful! Wait! How do they know how I sound? I looked up and all eyes were on me again. I went and checked their twitcam. I can't believe this! I was on the flippin' twitcam! People saw me singing. I got up and slapped all their heads.

"What was that for?!" Louis asked, well yelling practically.

"Uhmmm, what do you think?! People saw me singing!! I also look like a complete mess at the moment."

"Well I think that you look perfect right now." Niall said.

"Don't push it blondie." He threw his hands up in self defense.

I sat down and covered my face; shaking my head side to side. Someone started to rub my back. I looked up and it was Harry. I felt stressed now. I didn't want anyone to see me sing; especially looking like this!

Harry then started to talk. "Peyton, you sounded beautiful, both of you! And you look completely fine. Didn't you like the comments?"

"Yeah but.." He then cut me off.

"But nothing. People were asking where you were since we were talking about you and Madi. We wanted to show them who you are and well enough, you were singing and playing. We told Madi to go sing with you so they can know what you both sound like together."

I sighed. I guess he was right, for once at least. But they aren't getting out of this one so easy now!

"Ok. BUT you aaalllll now owe me since you did it without my permission!"

"Well what would you like?" Well, I could use a good massage right now.

"A massage will do." With that, they all starting giving me a massage. This was really nice!

I think Madi was jealous because she was giving me death glares. Haha! I love that chick!

We had about another hour to go. Madi, Louis, and Zayn were playing cards. Liam and Harry were playing video games. Niall and I were messing around with each other. He took my phone from me so I was slapping him to get it back. It didn't work... I covered up in a blanket and hid my face. I was in a ball trying to be mad at him. He ended up laying on top of me. I uncovered my face and his was only inches away from mine. He was going to kiss me but I put my hand up before he could.

"You gonna give me my phone back?"


"No kiss for you then!" I covered my face back up. He groaned so I laughed. He then went under neath the covers with me. He started to kiss my stomach. It really tickled! I couldn't stop giggling. He made his way up to my neck then my face. I kept turning my head everytime he would try.

"I'm gonna get my kiss rather you like it or not."

"Oh really?"

"Yes really! I have your phone right here." He put the phone in front of my face. I went to grab it and well enough; while I was distracted, he got his kiss.

"Told you I get it." I just laughed and kissed him again. I heard Louis scream "Get a room!" so Niall and I took the blankets off. I sat up and he laid down in my lap. I started to play with his hair and he fell asleep. I was holding his hand; he was still rubbing the back of my hand with his thumb. It was really soothing so then I fell asleep. Hope we get to the next location soon.

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