Words Can't Describe

Peyton wanted to get away from her old life and start something new with her best friend Madi. Her whole life flips upside down when she is on her way to a concert with Madi and run out of gas. She finds herself running into the famous boy-band One Direction. Peyton and Madi find themselves torn between the boys as they develop feelings for them. Who will fall for who? Will they get their happy ending like they always wanted? Find out by reading Words Can't Describe!


26. Waiting For The Right Moment

That concert was just a bad idea to do in the first place! I would figure that we would get hate but like really?! Right before we perform! I was already having a bad enough day. Just the things they said. Did they really think that Niall doesn't like me? He only likes me because he feels sorry? I would have never believed it before but now; I'm not sure anymore.

On our way back to the hotel, the whole car ride was silent. I was still crying though. The tears just wouldn't stop. I was laying on Harry's shoulder and Niall was holding my hand. I ended up crying myself to sleep. They carried me in when we arrived. I wasn't asleep for long. Niall laid me down and I woke up. He laid down with me. He had his arms around me and snuggled up to me. He kissed my shoulder and worked his way up to my neck then my face. I started to giggle. I turned around and faced him. I leaned in and kissed him passionately. We pulled away and I looked into his ocean blue eyes.

"Niall, is the only reason why you like me because you're sorry for me?"

"Of course not! Why on Earth would you think like that?! And to correct you, I don't like you, I love you."

"I don't know why. But why didn't you ask me to be your girlfriend by now then? I mean I would ask you, but I like it best when the guy ask me." He chuckled at my comment.

"The only reason why I didn't ask you to be my girlfriend is because I'm waiting for the right moment to. Now would be a good time but I want it to be perfect and you would always remember."

"Niall, I would always remember if you asked me. You could ask me in the most corny way possible and I would remember." He then kissed me again.

"I love you."

"I love you too. But right now you shouldn't be spending time with me. You should be with the boys."

"But I want to be with you."

"And I want you to be with the boys. Go out, have fun; not to much though to where you bring another girl home!"

"I would never think of that! But I would see if they would want to. But first..." He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. I kissed him passionately for a good 5 mintues.

He carried me out and sat me on the couch next to Lou and Harry.

"You guys wanna go out for a little bit?" Niall asked.

"Sure, but what about you and Madi?" Harry asked me.

"We'll be fine. Now go have fun!" After a few minutes of convincing, I got them to leave. I found Madi out on the balcony. I decided to join her.



"How are you hanging in?"

"Fine, you?"

"Getting there." We sat in silence for a while.

"I'm gonna go back in for a while."

I then walked in. I just sat on my bed and looked through Twitter. When will the hate stop?! Just then Madi walked in. She went straight to her and Liam's room and I saw her lay down. She was out instantly. I decided to change into pajamas. I put on a pair of shorts and one of Lou's shirts. I decided to popped in the movie the Notebook. I was only half way through the movie when Louis texted me.

From: Boobear<3 "On our way back, still up?"
To: Boobear<3 "I am, Madi passed out about 30 minutes ago."
From: Boobear<3 "Oh, well how are you?"
To: Boobear<3 "Boooorrreeeeddddd."
From: Boobear<3 "Don't worry, we'll be there soon(;"

I then locked my phone and continued the movie. I got hungry so I went into to the kitchen to make popcorn. All of a sudden a pair of hands were around my waist and I was slung over someone's shoulder. I saw the hair and it was a dead give away.

"Harry! Put me down!"

"But I missed my kitty!"

"Ok, ok! Put me down and you can have a hug." He put me down and embraced me into a hug. I looked around and no one else was out there.

"Where is everyone else?"



"Yes, really." Louis William Tomlinson! You got me all happy that you were gonna cheer me up!I then sighed.

"Something wrong love?"

"Louis got me all happy because I thought he was gonna make me happy and now I am disappointed."

"So you didn't want to see me?" He then gave me a pouty face.

"No! I didn't mean like that! I love you Haz!!" I then jumped at him and hugged him. He then gave me a kiss on the cheek. It felt weird but right at the same time. He started to kiss me passionately. We pulled away and smiled.

"Wanna finish the movie with me?"

"Sure." He carried me out and sat me on the couch. He then pulled me onto his lap and put a blanket over us. I passed out about 15 minutes into it. I was lifted up then put back down. He probably shifted postions because now I felt myself on top of him. 10 minutes went by and he turned the T.V. off.

"Good night love, sweet dreams." He whispered softly and kissed my head. I felt a lot better now.

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