Words Can't Describe

Peyton wanted to get away from her old life and start something new with her best friend Madi. Her whole life flips upside down when she is on her way to a concert with Madi and run out of gas. She finds herself running into the famous boy-band One Direction. Peyton and Madi find themselves torn between the boys as they develop feelings for them. Who will fall for who? Will they get their happy ending like they always wanted? Find out by reading Words Can't Describe!


7. Rehearsels

I got out of Harry's clothes and put on my clothes. It felt nice to be back in my own clothes again! I wore my black "Keep Calm and Love 1D" shirt with purple skinny jeans. We were all ready to go the boys' rehearsels. It took us only 15 minutes to get there. As soon as we walked in, mine and Madi's mouths dropped. It was enormeous! Yet, it looked incredible. We walked around to check it out. At one time, we did get lost, but we found our way back to the stage. Louis then came walking up to us.

"So what do you think so far?" He asked us.

"It's amazing!" Madi and I both said at the same time. He then handed us passes.

"What are these for?" I asked.

"Well, we don't want our lovely ladies being far back in the crowd! We want you to be on stage with us when we perform." He then smiled at us.

"Thanks Lou!" We both then hugged him and he walked away. Liam told us that we had to sit in the stands now while they were performing. They started off with Stand Up. Madi and I actually came up with dances pretty much for every one of their songs. So we started to dance. After the song the boys were laughing at us. We laughed along with them. Then continued on and we danced to majority of the songs.

After the guys were done they just left the stage without telling us where they were going. So they left Madi and I alone. We decided to get on stage.

"To think, they perform in front of thousands of people! Remember how we would also perform?" I asked Madi.

"Yeah, we haven't done it in a while. You brought your guitar and keyboard with you on the trip right?!"

"Shush yeah I did! I would never forget those!" We both laughed. The boys been gone for about 15 mintues now. Madi and I decided to talk to the band. I was tempted to grab the microphones. I went and talked to Josh and asked him if we could sing a song. He said we could. So I went over and grabbed two mics for Madi and I.

"P, what are you doing?! We shouldn't be touching anything!" Madi yelled at me.

"Relax, jeez! I talked to Josh and he said we could sing a song." She started to blush. She probably feels stupid now.

"Well, what do you want to sing then?" That was a good question. My eyes widen then. I know what song to do.

"Torn!!" I screamed at her. She nodded in agreement and I ran over to Josh to tell him what song we wanted to do. Madi started off. We did a girl version of it.

"I thought I saw a boy brought to life.

He was warm, he came around, he was dignified.

He showed me what it was to cry.

But you couldn't be that boy I adored.

You don't seem to know, or seem to care what your heart is for.

But I don't know him anymore." I then started singing.

"There's nothing left.

I used to cry.

My conversation has run dry.

That's what's going on.

Nothing's fine I'm torn. (Madi comes in the background for back up with the Ooo's)

I'm all out of faith.

This is how I feel.

Cold and I am shamed, I'm lying naked on the floor.

Illusion never changed.

In to something real.

Wide awake and I can see the perfect sky is torn. (Torn)

You're a little late.

And I'm already torn. (I'm already torn)

There's nothing left.

I used to cry.

My inspiration has run dry.

That's what's going on.

Nothing's fine I'm torn.

You're a little late.

And I'm already torn. (I'm already, I'm already torn.)


Just then we heard clapping and cheering. The boys watched us! Wow, do I feel embarassed!

"Why didn't you tell us you both could sing?!" Zayn asked.

"It never occured to us, Madi also plays the drums and I play guitar and the keyboard..." I told them while looking at the ground.

"You girls are amazing!" Niall said. Then Louis screamed.

"MEETING!!!" They were talking for at least 5 minutes. They would back at us every so often. Then they all walked over today.

"So we were thinking.." Harry started.

"Go on..." Madi said.

"Would you want to be our opening act tonight?" Liam finished. Did they just really ask that?! I was to overwhelmed at the moment that they kept yelling my name.

"Yeah, what?" I said all confused.

"So, do you want to do it?" Louis asked us. I looked over at Madi who was smiling from ear to ear.

"YES!!" We both screamed. The boys came running at us. Harry picked me up and spun me around and Liam did the same with Madi. We are performing, tonight, as an opening act for One Direction, in front of thousands. I felt like I was going to be sick....

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