Words Can't Describe

Peyton wanted to get away from her old life and start something new with her best friend Madi. Her whole life flips upside down when she is on her way to a concert with Madi and run out of gas. She finds herself running into the famous boy-band One Direction. Peyton and Madi find themselves torn between the boys as they develop feelings for them. Who will fall for who? Will they get their happy ending like they always wanted? Find out by reading Words Can't Describe!


2. Meeting the Boys

Peyton's P.O.V.

As I rolled down my window, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I looked over at Madi and she knew exactly what I was thinking too. There stood, in the flesh, Louis Tomlinson from One Direction! I was definitely screaming on the inside but I told myself, if I was to ever meet them, I wouldn't scream.

"Hello Love!" He said, that accent of his was just, GAH!!

"Hello!" Madi and I said at the same time. It was perfect how we both said it. Totally in sync.

Louis began to speak again. "What are you doing on the side of the road in this weather?"

I started to speak but then Madi took the spotlight from me and cut me off. "We were on the road traveling and this nar nar over here said we didn't need anymore gas until we got into town. So we ended up running out of gas." Way to make me feel stupid Madi! I felt my face getting heated up and turned my face so he wouldn't see me blush.

"Well, would you like to join the lads and I on the bus for now? Where were you heading?"

I decided to speak this time. "Actually we just got tickets the other day and was going to go to your concert."

"Well then you can join us on this adventure!" Madi and I both smiled at each other.

"We have our luggage with us though. We are traveling right now. You don't mind if we bring our stuff with us do you?" Madi asked him.

"Of course not! The more the marier!!" He flased us his signature smile. With that, Madi and I grabbed our stuff and followed Louis to the tour bus and let me tell you, it was huge!

Louis' P.O.V.

While traveling for our tour this summer, I saw a car pulled off to the side of the road. I wanted to be nice so I asked the driver if he could pull over. I jumped out of the bus and I realized it was down pouring. I knocked on the window and it opened. There sitting were two beautiful girls. In the passenger seat was a brunette with brown eyes. Stunning I should say. The other one in the driver's seat had medium strawberry blonde hair with extraordinary green eyes. We later on got into a conversation and they told me why they were out here on the side of the road. I wanted to be nice again (Louis to the rescue!) and asked them if they would want join the lads and I on the bus. They both said yes! But they were traveling so I asked them if they would join us with traveling as well since they were already going to our concert. They both agreed to that as well. The girls looked around I should say maybe 18 or 19? Anyways, they followed me back to the bus. I let them in first and as soon as I walked in, all eyes were on the girls.

Niall's P.O.V.

Louis was gone for a while and I got a little concerned. Just then the door flew open and there stood two amazing girls. One really stood out to me and that was the strawberry blonde with the jade green eyes. I ended up catching myself staring when they both said hello at the same time.

"Guys this is... I'm sorry. I never got your names." Louis said.

"That's ok! My name is Peyton." Said the blonde. Peyton, what a cute name!

"My name is Madi!" Said the brunette. This day couldn't have gone any better than it did just now!

Liam's P.O.V.

As soon as the brunette said her name I got chills. Madi was her name. She really stood out to me. I just couldn't believe what I'm feeling right now. It's like love at first sight! I felt a connection when she smiled at me. Just laying my eyes on her.... Something was meant to happen.

"How old are you girls?" I asked, they seemed like they were around our age.

"I'm turning 19 in November and Madi turns 18 in September." Peyton said. That's what I thought. I knew now that I would probably have a chance with Madi.

Madi's P.O.V.

This day was flippin' amazing! First we meet One Direction. Second, they asked us if we would want to travel with them to the concert with another day to go! Lastly, I think Liam was checking me out! I had a "thing" for him out of the rest of the band. I don't know why but he was the one who really stood out to me. I'm looking foward for what is to come on this bus ride!

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