Words Can't Describe

Peyton wanted to get away from her old life and start something new with her best friend Madi. Her whole life flips upside down when she is on her way to a concert with Madi and run out of gas. She finds herself running into the famous boy-band One Direction. Peyton and Madi find themselves torn between the boys as they develop feelings for them. Who will fall for who? Will they get their happy ending like they always wanted? Find out by reading Words Can't Describe!


5. Falling Asleep in His Arms

After the game, we all went out separate ways. Madi and I had to sleep on some sleeping bags in the living room. The boys got us the sleeping bags for us to use. Madi passed out instantly. I wasn't even tired. I tried listening to my music but it wouldn't help. I kept tossing and turning but I can't fall sleep! This started to irritate me. I sat up and rubbed my temples. I read a book on my phone for like 30 minutes. That didn't help either. I got up and walked to the bathroom. Before I walked in, I saw a light coming from one of  the beds. It was Niall's bed. I decided to walk over to his bed.

"May I ask what your doing Nialler?" He looked up from his phone and gave me a smile.

"I can't sleep."

"Me too." Then he scooted over and patted the empty space for me to lay on. I jumped up onto his bed. He gave me a smile and I smiled back. His hand brushed up against mine and it gave me goosebumps. He looked down at my arms.

"Cold?" Obviously I wasn't going to tell him that I got the goosebumps from him. So I lied.

"Yeah, kinda." He gave me part of his blanket and I snuggled up to him. This was really nice. He was playing a game on his phone right now. I laid my head down then my phone buzzed. I looked at it and it was from Twitter. Niall just tweeted. I looked up at him and he smiled. I opened my phone and looked at the tweet.

@NiallOfficial: Laying down with an amazing, beautiful girl right now.<3 I gave her goosebumps.(;

I slapped him on the arm. I can't believe he tweeted that he gave me goosebumps! I mean, he did, but I obviously didn't tell him!

"What's your Twitter name?" He asked me.

"Peyton_Weng5." I laid my head back down. My phone buzzed again. Twitter and it was him again.

@NiallOfficial: Isn't she just beautiful? My girl.<3 @Peyton_Weng5

There was a picture attached to it. It was a picture Madi took of us. I'm sitting on his lap while he's kissing my check. I really did like that picture. It was my home screen. My lock screen was the picture of me on Lou's back. My phone was blowing up with fans asking if I'm his girlfriend. Others were kinda mean about it too. There was some nasty things said!

"Did you really put that picture of us on there?" I asked. He then laughed.

"Yes, I had to let the world know about you." He's unbelievable! We layed there for a while. He gave me one of his headphones and let me choose the songs. I played Stereo Hearts and was singing it softly.

"You have a beautiful voice Peyton." I blushed.

"Thanks." I started to fall asleep. I wrapped my arms around him and laid my head on his chest. I felt his arms wrap around me now. This was really nice. Just Niall and I laying down together.

"Hey Niall?" I asked.

"Yes, love?"

"Can you sing to me?" Hoping he would say yes. I always wanted to hear him in person.

"Sure." He then started singing his part in More Than This.

"If I'm louder. Would you see me? Would you lay down? In my arms and rescue me. Cause we are, the same. You save me. When you leave it's gone again."

Before I fell asleep, I saw Liam get up and walked over towards Madi. He laid down next to her and put his arms around her. That was too cute! I turned over to Niall and he was already looking at me. I couldn't really see him but I could imagine his beautiful ocean blue eyes looking at me. Our faces were just inches away from each other. I could feel his warm breathe on my face. Oh my gosh, he's making it hard for me NOT to kiss him! It was tempting too but I wasn't sure if he felt the same way. Niall stood out to me. Just himself in general makes me feel like I'm worth something. It made me feel different but in a good way.

"Good night Niall." I gave him a kiss on the check, wishing it should have been his lips.

"Good nigh Peyton." He then gave me a small kiss on the lips. It was amazing! I felt the sparks fly. I snuggled up to him and fell asleep in his arms.

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