silent house

a teenage girl and her dad and uncle hav moved in to a new house recently wich is haunted


2. the silent house part 2

At this terrifying moment I ran towards the front door as I turned the handle dad screamed "HELP"!. I ran up the stairs my heartbeat was beating so fast that I didn't now what was going on. I got upstairs and I saw red blood againt my eyes, at this moment my hands were over my mouth. I ran into the first bedroom, the door banged shut behind me "whose there"! I shouted with fear in my voice! I walked towards the bed and there was another door. In the corner of my eye a shadow walked across the room Something or someone was there! I turned the door handle and infront of me stood a young girl with wide red eyes, her hair was infront of her face. She reached out towards me and at this moment I was terrified! I ran back out the room runing for my life and I tripped over someones leg.... As I got up to look who was on the floor I seen blood, blood everywhere! I went forward and shockingly it was my dad on the floor, he had blood all over his face, his face was covered with
bruises and scratches. I shook him to see if he was awake but not even a single movement!
I ran back downstairs I turned the front door handle and this it opened, I ran and ran through the trees, and then I saw car lights....
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