silent house

a teenage girl and her dad and uncle hav moved in to a new house recently wich is haunted


1. silent house part 1

As dad rapidly shook my arm he sed 'we are moving house'. At this moment i was reallly excited!. The truck was loaded with our boxes and we set off. Today was literally the worst day of my life the sky was pitch grey, no birds twweting like the morning of a summer day. The truck stopped. We were here, as i got out the truck to look at the house beneath my feet lay a dead bird!. I was going to be sick, dad took me inside while uncle jack unloaded the truck. The house from the outside looked abit weird but then again it's probably just my thoughts.  Dad unlocked the door and we walked in, the cooridor was pith black. As i held on to dad's arm he walked into the living room. Again there was no electricity which made me frightened.......... BANG! The front door banged shut, i shouted ''UNCLE JACK!'' but there was no reply. I walked to out the living room back toe the front door, i opened the door the truck was gone and no sign of uncle Jack!. I closed the door and went back into the living room dad was holding a lantern and asked me if i found uncle Jack, i replied ''no''. Dad gave me a lantern and said i mite need it so i took it. Dad said he was going to look upstairs so i waited downstairs. As dad went upstairs i heard footstpes behind me, i walked backwards towards the wall shaking and sweating with fear!. ''THUD'' went the ceiling something had dropped, then something was being dragged acroos the floor.........................




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