My heart that loved you

Hi! This is my very first fanfic and Im very excited about writing it! I've actually already written 2 chapters... BUT nevermind.

Dont comment my english, im only fifteen and it aint my motherlanguage. (Im danish, btw!)


It's a Hanchul story (HangengxHeechul) but there's a bit Kangteul, Eunhae, Yunjae, Kyumin, Jongkey, 2min and so on.. Lol.. All my otps.. And its about how Heechul and Hangeng loves eachother and then because of Hangengs slaverycontract with SM he's going to leave suju and of course, his beloved Heechul, who is left broken hearted... sooo a lot of drama.. And of course fluff and yaoi. YOU WONT BE DISSAPOINTED..I hope.. Well, enjoy.

xoxo - Ria.<3


1. A midnight snack


Heechul P.o.v.


"Nawa gyuhrhonhaejullae? I do~~" we all sang together as I tightened my grib in his hand. He looked at me and smiled and I felt the wellknown butterflies in my tummy. Why did I felt this way? It wasn't the first time he  made me feel like this. Yesterday, when we just snugg led together on my couch, the day before yesterday, when we tried out clothes together, even the day before that when he sang me to sleep. He always did something that made me complety happy and forget everything bad in this world. He has been my bestfriend for several years. About eight to be exact.

The last tone died and I heard the saphire blue oceans scream and dragged me out of my thoughts. I smiled out to my beloved ELFs and bowed. After a lot of bowes we finally ent out backstage and I sat down and took a deep breath. "WELL DONE TODAY DONGSAENGS!" Our leader praised us. I just smiled and nodded. "But now we have to go home and get some sleep boys, we have a photoshoot at 7am!", he said and collected our stuff. It was a silent ride back to our dorm, but he  came and took my hand. 

When we got home I just walked right to bed and drifted away to sleep right away, but I had a nightmare and woke up in the middle of the night where the dorm was totally silent. I were also a little hungry, so I decided that I could just go get something to eat. I sneaked out, into the kitchen and began, silently, to preapre a little night snack.

I almost smacked his face with a spatula, when his  hands grabbed around my waist and scared the hell out of me. But when I realised it was him I quickly put the spatula down. "Hangeng! You scared me! What are you doing up this late?" I asked him and he smiled and pulled me closer. "I dont know, I just couldn't sleep. and then I heard someone in the kitchen and thought I would go check it out.." I smiled and nodded. "But... What about you? Why are you up?" He raised an eyebrow. "Uhm.. I dont know.. Just.. Couldn't sleep, I gues", I answered, but I knew he didn't belived me, he knew me too well.

"You want some?" I asked as I finished the meal. He nodded and grabbed two bowls. (LOOL, first time I wrote this, I wrote Balls, and my sister just smiled and said: You COULD misunderstand that." And then I looked at the sentence and noticed that I have wirtten 'balls' and not 'bowls' LOOOL). We ate in silence, but it wasn't awkward, there were just this nice feeling of happyness betweeen us. I finished before him and just stared at his beautiful face. Wait? Did I just thought of a boy... being beautilful? But.. He was..He IS. Yeah, he is..

When he finished his meal he just stood up and cleaned the dirty dishes. When he had done that he just stood there and looked at me. It looked like he wanted to say something, and I were right. He stood there for five minutes and then said something; "I dont wanna go to sleep... I actually had a nightmare.." I nodded and he had said what I was actually hoping for, for the whole time.. Now I just had to say my lines, so he didn't misunderstood them..

"Well, if you want... You can sleep with me.. No! Not with me, but in my bed..." I could feel my cheeks turn red and I looked down. hoping the darkness could hide it. He nodded a bit.. "If it's okay with you hyung.." I just took his hand and guided him, thorugh the darkenss, to my room. I silently laid in bed, thankful for having my own room, and made room for him. He opened his arms - almost like an invitation, and I gladly pulled closer to him. He started to run his finger through my quite long hair and it felt really nice. I soon started to drift away to sleep. I heard him whisper something, but my brain couldnt figure out what it was. and then I felt aslep.


A/N; I know it's a quite short first chapter, and quite boring, but my worst chapters are always the first, JUST PLEASE wait until it gets more exciting and all the drama begins >:))) Well, comment and subscribe.. And remember, LOVE YOU ALL AII.<3 .

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