Slip Through Celebrities

"I look out over the crowd, who continue to scream my name and the thought creeps into my head, am I a celebrity?"
This is for the M-Factor contest so I would LOVE if you could read it, comment and heart. It's based on myself and Lucy Spraggan but is supposed to be a fictional character on the X-Factor. Hope you enjoy, it's awfully short so far but if you like it enough I shall write some more.
I have tagged this under fan-fiction but if you have better name for it's genre please say.


2. Performance Hang-Over

I glance over at the clock, reading 11:23.

I roll back over before the fact that I have less than half an hour before my meeting with Tulisa hits me. I jolt upright and know, for a fact, that the only way I'm going to wake up is if I have a shower, and fast.

Grabbing the huge tower with X-Factor stitched to the bottom of it, I run to the bathroom.

Cold water hits me, throwing any sleep from me as I scream and try to adjust the temperature, but not so much so that I go from cold to skin boiling water. As I scrub any last perfumes of sleep from my body I can only think of last night. Tulisa had screamed her praise, and I had felt like nothing could blow my joy. No, it only got better.

The five other contestants left in the house had joined me for the celebratory party, it couldn't be much better. I feel like they're my family now, I haven't grown closer to any other people in my life. And after our party, lasting until sometime around one, I went to watch all the performances over again... Yes, I wasn't in bed until three.

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