Secret Love-Girl Heart Boy: Deleted Scene Competition

Um so hey! This is my entry for the Girl Heart Boy Competition: Deleted Scene. I absolutely LOVE the books and I’m desperate for Ollie (Sarah's friend) and Sarah to get together. The story will be told from Ollie’s point of view, even though the books called Girl Heart Boy. I just thought maybe it was time to see the story from a male perspective. So yeah, please like, favourite and comment what you think. Even if you haven't read the book. I’m all open to constructive criticism so…fire away!:’)Marie xoxo


2. Some Happy Ever After, Huh?


 After the concert, Jake dropped me off across the street from my house. “See you later dude!” I called, before crossing the road that lead to my house. Mum and dad were sitting in the front room, watching something on TV, which was most likely Corrie or Eastenders. My parents always stayed up quite late, probably where I picked up the habit. They shouted hello, but I didn’t bother answering back. Instead, I took the stairs two at a time until I reached my bedroom, where I collapsed onto my bed. I lay there, staring up at the ceiling, waiting for…for something. What that something was though, I had no idea. I just knew something inside of me wasn’t right. Like a giant hole eating away at my heart. I was almost asleep, dozing on and off when music blared from my phone. I jumped upwards, scrambling around in the darkness to find my phone. When I found it, I didn’t even bother to check who it was before I answered the call. “M’hi.” I rubbed at his eyes to wake myself up.
“Ollie?” That voice. That was what woke me up.
“McSarey! How’s the party? Did you and Joe…” I trailed of.
“Yes. But now I can’t find him…He wasn’t in the room when I woke up. Is it possible that he went to the toilet? You guys do that, don’t you?” She sounded a bit panicky, and although I hated lying to her, I did it anyways. It was better to see her happy than upset. “Of course we do. He’ll have gone to the toilet or to get some food. You know me, always hungry. It’s the same for every lad.” I could hear her soft breathing as the rational thought registered in her brain. Honestly, no, we didn’t leave a girl after having sex with her just to go to the toilet. Why the hell would we? It’s disgusting and mean towards the girl. But I wasn’t about to tell Sarah that. “Ok, well thanks, Ollie.”
“Anytime, flower.” I whispered as the line went dead.
  I tried to get to sleep after Sarah’s call, I seriously did. But the thing that bugged me was that he’d left her alone after having sex with her. How the hell could he do that to her? I made my mind up, then and there. If he didn’t realise what he was doing was wrong, then I’d have to straighten him out myself.
  Sneaking out of the bedroom window, I called Jack and asked him to give me a lift to the party. He agreed, although he was curious as to why. I told him it was because of Ashley, and he believed me, not bothering to say much more on the subject. He said he’d wait outside for me while I went to get Ashley. The house was a maze, and I had absolutely no idea what Joe actually looked like. Instead of going up to every random person, asking for Joe, I asked if anyone had seen Joe. A skanky blonde haired girl told me he was upstairs. Fortunately for me, he was exiting a room to sneak towards the bathroom. The only thing he wore was a sheet around himself. Obviously he’d had a good night. “’Scuse me, you Joe?” I asked him. He turned to me, his face suddenly pale, his eyes huge. He gulped before answering with a nod of his head. “Good.” And without thinking, I swung my fist up and slammed it against his jaw. “What the fu-” He didn’t get to finish his question. Or his obscenities. “Don’t mess with my friend, ok?” I glared at him, my teeth gritted.
“You’re Sarah’s friend? Great…So what’s the name? Might as well get a bit of sympathy from her, then you’d be friendless.” Joe laughed. I’d have hit him again, if I didn’t believe him. It took me a moment to answer back. “Go ahead. But I’ll just tell her exactly where you’ve been while she’s alone in that bedroom where you left her.” I spat at him in outright disgust. That shut him up.
“How the hell do you-“ I cut him off again
“Look. Stop treating Sarah like shit. She deserves better than you.”
“Like what, you?” Joe sneered. I considered the thought for a moment.
“Yeah. I guess you could say that.” I walked away from him, again pushed through the  crowds, and climbed into the car next to Jake. “Where’s Ashley?” He asked me. I couldn’t lie again, so I just told him the truth. “The truth is, I went there to punch Joe. And I did. But you can’t tell anyone. You have to swear on it.” Jake blinked, taking everything I’d just said into registration.
“Fine. I won’t tell anyone. But only because this Joe guy seems like a bit of an arse.” How right he was. As Jake started back down the road, I glanced at my knuckles. They were all red, and probably starting to swell. But I didn’t care. It was worth it. It was my perfect happy ending, even if I couldn't have the girl of my dreams. 

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