Secret Love-Girl Heart Boy: Deleted Scene Competition

Um so hey! This is my entry for the Girl Heart Boy Competition: Deleted Scene. I absolutely LOVE the books and I’m desperate for Ollie (Sarah's friend) and Sarah to get together. The story will be told from Ollie’s point of view, even though the books called Girl Heart Boy. I just thought maybe it was time to see the story from a male perspective. So yeah, please like, favourite and comment what you think. Even if you haven't read the book. I’m all open to constructive criticism so…fire away!:’)Marie xoxo


1. Just Your Typical Saturday Night

 How could she not notice? How could she not just…tell that I liked her? Joe had dumped her once, like I was going to let him do that again. Standing and watching Jack, Rich, Donna and Cass all jump up and down to some band I didn’t even know the name of, seemed completely stupid to me. Don’t get me wrong I loved my friends, and I loved the idea. But why hadn’t I bothered to go with Sarah? At least then I would’ve actually been able to meet this Joe guy and find out whether or not he was a complete dick. Because judging by the sounds of it, he treats Sarah like shit. I’d known this girl since I was five. I wasn’t about to let some stupid good for nothing prick take her away from me. The overhead music humming in my ears was giving me a headache, and with all the screaming, I thought my head was going to explode. “Hey guys? I’m going in search of the loos before I wet myself.” Jake cracked a smile while Rich slung his arm over my shoulder.
“Dude, just pee on the floor!” I tried to smile, I really did. But it just came out as a frown. Fortunately for me though, the lighting was too hard to tell whether or not I really had smiled. “Yeah, it’s not like any of us haven’t seen a dick before!” Donna crowed, winking at me. Without answering either of them, I made me way to the toilets, eventually getting there after following a number of neon coloured signs. The toilets were disgusting. The urinal looked rusty, toilet paper was hanging from cubicle doors, not to mention the window had been potted. Even the walls, which must have once been eggshell white, was a musty yellow-y colour. The smell of urine surrounded the air, and condom wrappers and mud had been trailed along the floors. Thank God I didn’t actually need the toilet. I stared down at my phone, my finger hovering over Sarah’s name. I chickened out as my finger neared the screen, and decided I’d take the safer option and text her.
                                       Hey McSarey, how’s the party?
                                       Wish you were here, it’s not
                                        the same without you.:(x

I sent the text, and stayed in the toilets for five minutes, waiting for a reply. When I didn’t get one, I decided maybe she was just a bit caught up in the crowd of Uni people. Sarah wasn’t exactly a sociable person; she always clammed up when it came to talking to people. Sarah with a bunch of Uni students was completely out of the question. I slumped back towards the crowds of screaming people, returning to my spot. “You ok?” Cass asked, giving me a sideways glance, trying not to take her attention away from the band. “Peachy!” Nobody could tell when I was lying. That was probably my best talent. Nobody bothered to check to see if I really was as fine as I’d told them I was. But honestly, I was kind of glad they didn’t. How could I possibly tell them that I was developing a crush for Sarah? Exactly. I couldn’t.

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