Real Talk

A view on how girls should be 'keeping it real', just because we're girls, it doesn't mean we're any less important. As Beyonce once said, 'Who run the world?' - 'Girls.'
For the comp. :) Likes and comments much appreciated


1. Girls? Yes, we run the world

I am a girl. 

Let me just clear that up with you all before I begin. I am a very happy girl indeed. 

And the reason for that happiness is due to one thing and one thing only: I am at peace with myself. To be completely honest, however, I was not feeling this way about a year ago. After completing a 'self-esteem' quiz when I was in Year 9, my results were the lowest in the class at 45.

My image was everything to me, I had to look perfect to BE PERFECT. Most of my answers were at the end of the spectrum: I was not happy with my life, I was not happy with my weight, I was not happy with my achievements... blah blah blah.

The list can go on forever I'm sure but then I would not be getting to the point. The reason why I, and many other girls, are not happy with their God-given image (that is, if you are religious) is just that - because we are girls. So, in essence, we are all running around, no better than headless chickens, contradicting ourselves.

We all hold the same belief that to be a girl, we have to look HOT like a girl  because that's what we are supposed to be seen as by boys, by... well mainly just guys. 

Guys do not matter. Their opinions do not matter and their ratings do not matter. Girls shouldn't change themselves at the snap of someone's fingers because they don't look 'peng' or 'piff' or 'buff' enough. That would be acting as if another person owned your body, not treating it with even the slightest respect it deserved.

The truth is though, we are perfect in our own rights. Every one of us is different in our own way and if any one of our qualities changed, then we might as well have a different identity altogether. I use 'we' and 'our' because we are all connected at more than just a 'gender level.' We survived racial divide, segregation, inferiority, stereotypes - we survived all of those horrific things as girls, as women. The Suffragettes didn't just campaign for nothing. Their aim was for women to gain the right to vote, something that many men did not appreciate as much as they should have.

Did they care about how they looked? Did they care about where they came from? Did they care whether or not they were anorexic enough? All of those questions share one thing in common which is their answers: No. 

The past has been cruel to us but then we fought back, not because we were arm candy, created just to  be married off to a man and begin the life of rearing children, but because we were humans. And all humans deserve equality. 

Now, I don't want to change a thing about myself - I'm 54kg heavy, 172cm tall and black. 

Size, race, nationality... none of that even remotely matters because, to me, all girls are like my lost sisters. Scattered around the world, running it. 


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