The Fire That Burnt My Heart

A story that came to me in a dream


1. Awaiting the verdict.

I shall wait; wait till the flames to cease. Cease from its spiritual dance that spreads across the entire building, like a ballerina dancing in front of a crowd to finish with a round of cheers and applause. But there will be no celebrations today, I should hope. Nothing by sorrow and morbid anguish – the skies darken and the small patter of rain gradually turns into the hardest down pour in months, while I sit here motionless. Watching the dancing flames finish their encore into a reminiscent silence. 

I grit my teeth in despair as I watch the beloved building collapse under the great weight it holds – this place… was almost like my second home, no, it WAS my home. The place I felt sanctuary and peace. And now it’s the living replica of hell. Or so it has been for like last few months. See that window in the distance, the far right corner of the burning building? I am there right now, coughing and spluttering blood while choking on the fumes of the toxicant smoke. I do not know what has happened to me, how it came to pass that his event occurred or it was only I who burned. But I will make it my mission to find out. 

It is needless to say that I cannot account for that happened when the fire commenced, however I remember the days full before that day. I stroll through the park, the dew of the previous day’s rain glimmering in the distance, refracting the faint moon light that remains in the peaceful sky. I ponder on the thoughts that went through my mind before ‘it’ happened.

“What did happen to me? Why did it happen? Was it really my time to die? Did I not please the Lord in some way?” I murmured. I searched the stars for a sign – a guide to understand. The stars shone relentlessly without any indication of answering my questions. I sighed and shook myself into reality. I was dead. What else is there to think about?

“I must know… I need to know what happened… How can I rest in peace without full knowledge of why I am here? GOD! If you are listening, I command you to answer me! Give me a sign, a guide to tell me what I must be doing, why I am here! I have long been you humble and loyal servant on this earth, and I long to be with you. Show me the way in which I must travel to know what caused me to die in this way… And why I deserved it…” I wept. At the final cry of my sorrow, my knees collapsed on to the dewy grass. I cried till I felt a numb pain in my chest… till I could no longer feel any more emotions. I remained there – in the park till the sun had fully risen over the horizon, today my quest begins. 

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