the place of pure magic

been playin WOW and now readin the hobbit- maybe that influenced it? lol


1. the place of pure magic

Take me to where the pixies play,

Under the weeping willows,

Take me at the end of May,

To show me the shy undiscovered way.


For now I should lay my head down,

You too, rest your head and sleep,

Take away from your head that crown,

Just sleep for now, you’ll be safe and sound.


Now travelling across rivers clean, yet still long,

Leading to a place where beauty thrives,

Let’s go there by a map in a song,

Let’s go to the place where the elves do throng.


Once past the dark caverns of doom,

And through the fields where monsters lurk,

Resisting the golden meadow which just brings gloom,

You’ll arrive in the place of magic very soon!


Elegant trees tower over me,

Dancing with the fairies and elves,

And hiding with a small pixie,

Everything natural, like the tree house key!


No one will ever delve here,

Imperfect and beautifully pure,

Forever it shall last, and forever mere,

Even the water will be unpolluted and clear.


No human can touch this place of perfection,

Just an amazing place of peace,

As if surrounding it is a massive bubble of protection,

As if that bubble is one of a happiness collection,

And no need for human correction.

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