Loved You First ♥

Ivy Davis is starting Bradford High, A private boarding school in Yorkshire. What she doesn't know is that a certain 5 boys also go to the school. What will happen when she is accidently locked in the attic storeroom? Will he change her life forever?
full of suspense, romance and adventure ♥
“To live the life you love is the greatest gift you could ever receive, but living one everyone else sees in their eyes is something unenjoyable. And only a few select people are controlled to the point of misbehaviour.”- Harry Styles


21. thirteen :)




I glanced over at Harry and saw him giving me his hand to hold, I smiled warmly at him and took it. We walked over to the stairs and began to climb up them. God, I swear, they seemed like they were the longest flight of stairs ever! Having arrived at the top, my grip around Harry’s hand tightened. A girl walked towards us holding cushions with crowns layed in the middle.

She stood infront of me and place the perfect fitting crown on the top of my head, I smiled and mentally squealled. I’ve never been home coming queen before. Harry was next, she placed the golden crown on top of his fluffy curls. He beamed at me and leaned in for a quick peck. My uncle cleared his throat and I pulled away looking at the floor, embarrased.

“A round of applause for the King and Queen!” I heard Scarlett cheer from my side, yes, she got elected as a princess along with Louis (a prince!).

“Alright, now everybody make a circle. Its time for the first dance.” My uncle explained. DANCE?!! I have two left feet! I turned to face Harry, holding both of his hands I whispered in his ear “Harry, darling! I cannot dance!”

“That’s nonsense! I bet you are the most beautiful dancer ever!” He stated, whispering- his moist breath hitting my smooth skin. I smiled weakly and made my way down the stairs, with Harry’s hand stuck to mines like super-glue.

Once we reached the bottom step I looked up and noticed that everybody was gathered around in a huge circle. No way am I going to dance in the middle! They will be watching me! As we walked through the circle I could feel my hands going sweaty, harry must’ve noticed too as he held my hand tigher and caressed it.

“Don’t worry babe, you’ll be fine. Just follow my lead.” My boyfriend instructed. ‘Alright’ I mouthed.

Mentally sulking, we arrived at the centre of the circle, everybody clapped once more and the music began to play. It was a slow song, by my favourite artist: DEMI LOVATO. I instantly knew the song; GIVE YOUR HEART A BREAK. I absolutely love it! Before I knew it my hips were swaying from side to side and Harry’s arms dropped down to my waist and mines were snaked around his neck. His curls barely touching my forearm. The instant our foreheads touched I felt electricity running down my body. The song finished and another song came on; FREE FALLING. This was Harry’s and I’s favourite song. I could hear him softly and quietly singing the lyrics. He whispered it in my ears. His voice sounding angelic. I closed my eyes and enjoyed this once in a lifetime opportunity.

“Harry, I couldn’t ask for anybody better than you babe. I l-” I was interupted by Estella breaking the near perfect circle by shouting at the top of her lungs.

“Party Harder People!” seriously? She just interupted me by saying that?

Everybody walked off in different directions, including Harry and I. I went off with the girls and Harry went with Louis. By the way, I saw him making out with Marcy earlier on- they are a really cute couple !



*Harrys POV*


I went to the bar with the boys, everyone was dancing again and congratulating me left right and center. I didn’t give a damn, I needed a drink.

“4 please” Louis asked the bar tender politely. I suddenly wondered about Ivy.

“One sec” I held a finger up to Niall who nodded. I walked to the edge of the dance floor and tried to spot Ivy among the crowds of masks. She wasn’t hard to spot, her beauty standing out among the mass of pretty dresses and glitter.

She was facing me but her eyes were averted to a tall brown haired boy- wait WHAT!?

A mixture of emotions built up inside me.

Is she cheating on me? Who is he? Was it just max?

Fine if she wants to play it like that, I was confused and angry. Walking back to the bar, stunned, I pushed past Estella. I sat with the boys, they were all there, except liam who was off somewhere with autumn.

I grabbed my drink which had been left un- attended. I didn’t care. It was soon gone and I was on my 10th pint drowning away my sorrows, I tried not to think about Ivy and focused on having fun with the boys. Sometimes I couldn’t help but glance over at Ivy dancing with numerous amounts of boys. But I never let it get to me; I think the alcohol made me see things.

I think Niall had left and was dancing with Scarlett, Zayn wasn’t at the bar anymore. Wait, neither was Louis? I looked around and managed to keep myself steady as I slipped off the bar stool. Then the next thing I know I was hooking arms with some girl and walking towards mine and the boys apartment. She was pretty, kinda fake and up-herself but I didn’t mind. It was time to show Ivy that she can’t get away with cheating so easily.

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