Loved You First ♥

Ivy Davis is starting Bradford High, A private boarding school in Yorkshire. What she doesn't know is that a certain 5 boys also go to the school. What will happen when she is accidently locked in the attic storeroom? Will he change her life forever?
full of suspense, romance and adventure ♥
“To live the life you love is the greatest gift you could ever receive, but living one everyone else sees in their eyes is something unenjoyable. And only a few select people are controlled to the point of misbehaviour.”- Harry Styles


32. le chapter 24 <3


*Ivy's POV*

We arrived at the camping site at about 6 in the evening, and after a long struggle the boy's managed to put up the 2 huge tents. We decided the boys would sleep in one and girls in the other, it was the easiest arrangement. The camping site was very popular with our school, seeing as nearly everyone went. It wasn't even really a camping site, just a huge wood, lake and a few wooden cabins scattered everywhere. We all loved it though. We had our own spot a few minutes away from the lake on the edge of the lush wood. The car ride here was slightly awkward seeing as Max and Harry haven't exactly been on great terms since the little 'incident' and Estella is still feeling slightly ill, but Louis and Niall kept it energetic, to say the least.. 

I breathed in the soft smoky air as I watched Liam teach Zayn how to light a campfire, it was getting dark and we were all hungry after setting everything up and getting cosy in our little camp. 

"Here, Niall pass me those twigs." Liam said pointing in one direction <3 Harry came up behind me and pulled me up off my stool and onto his lap, his blanket wrapped around us both. The fire started crackling as the sky darkened, the girls emerging from our tent.  

"When are we gonna eaat?!" Scarlett moaned as Niall's eyes brightened at her voice.

"Yh when are we gonna eat?!" Niall repeated as she smirked. They were too cute.  

"Soon" Zayn murmured, too busy looking at his hair on the back of a large metal spoon.

"I said GET THAT AWAY FROM ME" everyone cracked up as Liam shrieked at Zayn who hid the spoon and put his hands in the air. By now the fire was getting going and our food was ready so everyone sat on the logs surrounding it and held out their plates.

After dinner 

"Wow it's so dark, I can't see anything!" Estella said turning her head to look into the woods.

"Don't worry; hopefully the bears have already eaten." Louis joked, as Estella flashed him a deadly sarcastic smile. 

We were all sitting around the fire, full of soup, comfy and tired from today. I hadn't let Harry out of my sight. I trust him 101% now but it was just so good to have him back, I won't be letting go of him again for a long time. 

"Hey where are the marshmallows?!" Niall said shocked about the fact that he had forgotten about them.  

"Oh I put them in the food bags, down there," Alice said opening her eyes, pointing to the back of the tent and getting up from lying on Zayn. Niall was half way there before she even finished her sentence. 

"Niall, lemme come with you, I'm feeling a bit hungry!" I claimed, getting up and following Niall or more like trying to catch up with him.

"Ooof, this food looks delicious!" Niall noted, grabbing some marshmallows enough for all of us, but I doubt that it is not all for him-self. I bent down to grab a packet of Doritos, which was next to a stack of carrots, when I felt something digging into my back. I turned around defensively and saw Louis with a Nerf gun and an angry expression creeping across his face.


"Run, Ivy Davis, RUN!" his face turned bright red. I gave him a confused look, furrowing my eyebrows, and then it hit me. THE CARROTS!!!

I span around and ran for my life while screaming "HELP!!!! HARRY, WHERE ARE YOU!!!" I spotted him coming towards me and I ran into his secure arms.

"Angel, what's the matter?" he caringly asked.

I glared at Lou, whom was sprinting towards us, the gun in position, ready to fire.

"The flip do you think you're doing?!" My boyfriend chuckled, tightening his grip around my waist.

"This peasant must pay for stealing my prized possession." Lou tried to sound serious but towards the end of the sentence he cracked that million dollar smile.

"Lord CarrotTommo, my fair lady did not mean to cause any harm," Harry defended me, earning a slap across his torso from me.

"I didn't even touch his 'prized' carrots! I was getting some Doritos!" I cried, lunging at Louis. By now, everyone was surrounding us, as if this was entertaining. It's not!!

"Yh, I know you were..." he sassed, shrugging.

"Then why, my lord, must you shoot her with this... thing?" Haz pointed at the 'Nerf' gun as if it were something from out of space. Okay, maybe this was getting entertaining!

"I have watched many other men do it; therefore I have decided to try it out." The pitch of voice changed from the usual squeakiness to a very low and serious tone.

"Then, I shall have to take the bullet for my princess; I cannot risk seeing her die!" he dramatically let go of me and took a  brave step towards Louis, pushing me behind him.

"That is fine with me, slave!" Louis exclaimed as he squirted the water all over Harry, who fell on the ground like in the movies where a person was shot, but ended up looking like snow white after she ate the poisoned apple. Falling to my knees, I fake sobbed, covering my face with my hands, adding a bit more effect.

"My love?!?!! Why did you do that?! Harry, NOOO!!! Why, Lord CarrotTommo?!" I shrieked, laughter erupting from the crowd around us.

A side smile escaped from Harry's plush lips. I know what to do!!!

"I guess... the only thing that I can do is... give my dying boyfriend... the kiss of life." I sadly mumbled. His face immediately lightened up and he nodded like a small child that wants candy.

Liam softly kicked him on the shoulder and whisper yelled "You're supposed to be dead, mate!"

I giggled but immediately returned to the sad expression. Leaning in, we both shut our eyes, the moment when our lips met, he opened his eyes and screamed, "I'M ALIVE!!! WOOOOOP!!"

Again, everyone burst out laughing, including me. Louis looked upset and stomped away, going to his tent. I knew he was just joking, but Marcy followed him anyway.

Harry laid on top of me and kissed my passionately, deepening the kiss by resting his hand on my upper thigh. Feeling that this was going a bit far; especially when everyone was most likely still around us, I pulled away. He cheekily smiled down at me and leaned close to my ear, before whispering, "Thanks for saving me, my beautiful girlfriend," Blushing, I looked at the ground and pushed him off of me.


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