Loved You First ♥

Ivy Davis is starting Bradford High, A private boarding school in Yorkshire. What she doesn't know is that a certain 5 boys also go to the school. What will happen when she is accidently locked in the attic storeroom? Will he change her life forever?
full of suspense, romance and adventure ♥
“To live the life you love is the greatest gift you could ever receive, but living one everyone else sees in their eyes is something unenjoyable. And only a few select people are controlled to the point of misbehaviour.”- Harry Styles


22. FOURTEEN wow :O

*Marcy’s POV*

Estella had spiked Harry’s drink. I told her not to, but she went and did it. I think this whole stupid plan is terrible and is going to break Ivy apart when she finds out.

I saw Harry stumble off out of the hall with Estella. This is bad; I am so worried. The whole night is going to be ruined. Ivy was still dancing with Liam, which was sweet. They never get the chance to talk, so Liam, being daddy direction and all, went over to talk to Ivy.

My hand was suddenly pulled away from my forehead where I was trying to cover the tears silently escaping. I looked up and saw Louis caressing my hand.

“Hey Marcy I have been meaning to tell you-“ He started until he saw my face.

“Babe what’s wrong?!” He shouted, a few people turning around. Luckily the music was too loud for people to really hear.

“Nothing” I chuckled at the thought of it.

“I just stubbed my toe” I said smiling at the ground.

Louis grabbed my wrist and gently lifted me onto his feet, His other hand rested just above my bum holding me to him. I gasped and forgot totally about tonight. I only had eyes for Louis.

“I have been meaning to tell you; You look terribly beautiful tonigh-“ I cut him off smashing my lips to his and he kissed me back with passion.

----2 hours later----

*Ivy’s POV*

Where is Harry?

Marcy told me Estella had gone back to our room because she had broken a heel- but she’d be back soon…

It was nearly midnight and I started to feel really tired. The ball was ending, People had left and the remaining couples were slow dancing. I wanted badly to curl up in Harry’s arms and fall into a deep sleep. Well, I’ll have to find him first…

*Harry’s POV*

I couldn’t pinpoint what was happening, I had just gone all the way with Ivy, except this girl didn’t seem like Ivy at all. Who was she?!

It suddenly dawned on me I was making love with a different girl. I was confused and felt terrible. I shoved the strange girl off my hot sweaty body. I couldn’t do this, it was wrong.

“Harry, It was meant to be” The girl whispered in a sickly sweet voice, sounding too pleased with herself.

My head span from all the drink I had had at the bar, but I felt weird, there was something else overpowering my natural instincts.

I looked around in the dark room and recognised it as the place where I first met Ivy. Ivy… her name struck my heart which felt chained.

There was a strange sound on the other side of the storeroom door. The sweeping of a dress and the sound of heels coming up the stairs.

“Harry” The person called.

“Are you there?” the beautifully warm voice called out to me. I wanted badly to call back to her, to tell her I was here and that I love her. I love Ivy. But my jaw was locked and my speech slurred on my tongue. Her soft voice disappeared back down the stairs and I fell to the ground, not caring about the girl who I swear was smiling in the darkness.

“Come on babe” The girl said happily, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. “Time to sleep” She whispered evilly as my body shut down and I was locked in an uncomfortable silence, left to long for Ivy.

*Ivy’s POV*

I had left the hall and looked for Harry everywhere.

I was really worried but I knew he was probably out with the boys doing something silly, probably slightly drunk so it was probably best if I just went to bed and waited to see him. I was overwhelmed by the whole night and couldn’t stop smiling. I walked into my room and found it empty, silly Estella I thought to myself, she always party’s too late!

I stripped out of my dress and hung it in my closet along with my heels, which went away into the box they came in, and my beautiful homecoming crown, which I placed on a red velvet cushion where I kept a diamond necklace once.

I took a quick shower, which calmed me down a bit, and pulled on my comfy Hollister gym shorts along with a vest. I let my hair fall loose in its curls and crept into bed.

I lay awake for a while in the dark, still longing desperately for my baby. Something glinted in the moonlight. I looked down and saw the locket Harry gave me shining. I picked it up off my chest where it lay comfortably and looked at it closely. It was still as beautiful as it was the day I received it <3 I turned it over and saw it had a small clasp. I had always thought it was a locket, but had never thought to try and open it. I put the sides in-between my 2 index fingers and pulled it. It wouldn’t budge, I kept trying, interested in what it held but it wouldn’t open. I huffed out of effort. It was sealed shut, air-locked?

I suppose I will have to ask Harry tomorrow morning, I thought aloud before yawning and snuggling down into my warm bed.


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