Loved You First ♥

Ivy Davis is starting Bradford High, A private boarding school in Yorkshire. What she doesn't know is that a certain 5 boys also go to the school. What will happen when she is accidently locked in the attic storeroom? Will he change her life forever?
full of suspense, romance and adventure ♥
“To live the life you love is the greatest gift you could ever receive, but living one everyone else sees in their eyes is something unenjoyable. And only a few select people are controlled to the point of misbehaviour.”- Harry Styles


29. Chapter twenty-one ;D


Ivy’s POV

***5 hours later***

I woke up on the floor. Lifting myself slowly up I felt sick and dizzy, my head throbbing. When Harry pushed me down, I must have knocked my self out! I gripped my bedside table and stumbled to my bed. The clock read 3:16; Max must have left me and went back to school. I cried for about an hour, wishing Harry was with me, wishing I hadn’t left him. I have to get him back, our pain needs to end. I picked myself up and took a quick shower. The cool water soothed me and calmed my thought. I then dried my hair, leaving it out and got changed.

My make up was very natural but beautiful. I smiled in the mirror. Everything’s going to be alright. I blasted music throughout the house and cleaned every room; I then packed my belongings, which wasn’t much seeing as I had left everything at my dorm, in school. I didn’t want to leave my parents (even thought they are hardly here) but I was desperate to carry on with my life. I looked back at my room which was spotless, my bags standing in the hallway. I grabbed my Hollister cardigan and a snack from the kitchen, hearing my taxi approach up our drive, gravel crunching. The note for my parents was short but hopefully they would understand.

*in the taxi*

“Uncle?” I questioned, speaking into my iPhone.

“Yes, darling? What is the matter?”

“Can I come back to school? I need to sort some things out” I explained, fidgeting in my seat.

“Of course. What’s going on?” He worriedly begged.

“I’d rather not say.”
"Alright, I’ll be waiting for you.” He kindly spoke. I quickly thanked him and hung up. This is why I love my uncle. I looked through the pictures in my phone. They were all of Harry and I. a tear tumbled down my face, these pictures bring back so many good memories. The last two months played in my head like a romantic film.

His cheesy flirty jokes.

His kind ways.

The way he kissed me.


Flack, I need my boy back!

*Estella’s POV*

I puked into the white toilet, desperately holding my hair above my head. Pulling myself towards the sink, I splashed my face with cool water and brushed my teeth, feeling slightly better. Walking through to my room, I lay down on my bed clutching my stomach. I was so alone without ivy living with me- she probably doesn’t even want to see my face. Marcy spent her whole time with Louis upstairs, and I don’t think I’m exactly welcome with them at the moment… it’s been over a week since it happened. Since prom. Since the biggest mistake of my life. Since then, I have locked myself up in my room. It doesn’t help that I keep getting sick either, I don’t understand?!

I haven’t been out drinking since prom; I haven’t slept with anyone since Harry either! I keep having moodswings too but I think I’ve got food poisoning or something, not that I have been eating…?!

All of the sudden I heard someone come into the apartment. I don’t know how long I’ve been lying on my bed but I had the urge to throw up again. So, running to the bathroom I hoped whoever just came in wasn’t a serial killer. 

“Estella!” someone called, I could hear her walking around obviously trying to find me.

“Estella!” the girl called again. I cleaned myself up.

Was it Ivy? I walked to the hallway between Ivy’s half and mine to see Ivy with 2 small bags, looking happy.

“Ivy!” I croaked. “umm, you’re back?!” I hesitated. Knowing what I had put her through I was surprised she didn’t slap me straight around my face.

“Estella! Yes I missed everyone her, and I’m better now so… do you mind if I move back in? There’s only a few weeks left until school starts again…” Ivy went quiet.

“Of course you can! Ivy we need to talk, I am so sorry about everything, I hope you can forgive me and I will do everything I can to get you back with Harry. I’ve changed. To the better.” I slightly pleaded weakly, feeling a rush of nausea sweep over me.

“Sorry, I’m not feeling so well at the moment.” I rushed, once more, to the toilet. As you can guess, I puked, again… but this time there was somebody holding my hair back and rubbing my back... Ivy. Why is she being so nice?

Harry’s POV

Since we got back to school, I’ve been in my room, simply crying. Regretting everything I ever did that hurt Ivy. If she would listen to me I would apologise from the bottom of my heart. I don’t know what came over me… I don’t know what happened, I just got so angry! She was practically semi-naked, in bed with Max. And to top it all off, they were making out! Urgh. That still doesn’t justify anything. I love her, and I shouldn’t have done that!! Period.

I sat on my bed, thinking of how to make it up to Ivy, when I heard a knock on my door. What could they possibly want? I’m not in the mood? I got up and opened the door.

“There’s somebody downstairs that wants to see you…”

Zayn spoke.

“Who?” I asked curiously.

“You’ll have to go and see for your self” he smiled, seeming very happy. I huffed and followed Zayn downstairs. I looked down and saw that I was wearing sweats and a white shirt.

“Zayn, can’t you just tell me who it is…” I pleaded, my eyes glued to the stairs, “I said I didn’t want to be distur-“

A soft sound of a throat interrupted me. I could recognise that anywhere. My head shot up and I saw Ivy standing there, patiently yet nervously. I could tell because she was fiddling with her fingers.

“Oh, urm, hi…” I awkwardly finally said.

“Could we talk? Alone?” she quietly questioned.

“Sure, let me go grab my shoes.” I told her while going up to my room to grab some shoes. Having got back, I walked up to her and gestured her to follow me. We really did need to talk, about everything. I opened the door for her and she walked out of our apartment. I think she knows where I’m taking her. And to be honest I think she was planning on going there too. We were walking closely side by side, our arms brushing against each other ever so often. We walked in silence. I wasn’t too sure whether it was awkward or not, we were kind of just enjoying each others presence. We walked up the steps that lead to the temples, me being a gentleman and all let her go in front of me. When she reached the top, she turned around and looked at me in the eyes.


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