Loved You First ♥

Ivy Davis is starting Bradford High, A private boarding school in Yorkshire. What she doesn't know is that a certain 5 boys also go to the school. What will happen when she is accidently locked in the attic storeroom? Will he change her life forever?
full of suspense, romance and adventure ♥
“To live the life you love is the greatest gift you could ever receive, but living one everyone else sees in their eyes is something unenjoyable. And only a few select people are controlled to the point of misbehaviour.”- Harry Styles


16. Chapter 8 x !


Chapter 8

*Ivy’s POV*

The autumn term passed quickly. The school is really good! I have been having so much fun. I have made many new friends, my closest being Scarlett, Autumn and Alice of course, even Estella is a good friend of mine. Then there’s Marcy, she’s really nice too, but I don’t see her a lot. Scarlett introduced me to Max a few weeks’ ago, he’s a really nice boy, and we are close friends now. Not to mention the 1D boys. They are my favourite’s obviously :P.

Harry has changed. A lot. Everyone used to say he was a player, and a ladies man, not to mention the fact it was rumoured he had nearly slept with half the girls in the school. But now he doesn’t even bat an eyelid for other girls except me. We are totally loved up J

I have spent everyday and every possible second with him. We even have most of the same classes, so that’s good. I think I really fit in now; nobody registers me as ‘the new girl’ anymore. We are on an extended Easter break this year so we get 5 weeks off instead of the normal 2! Also, proms coming up. Really soon actually, it’s a week away and I still haven’t picked out a dress or anything!

We are having a masquerade ball; it’s going to be an unforgettable night…

*Harry’s POV*

The masquerade ball is so close! Right now I’m just chilling with Zayn. Term’s finished at last! So I get 5 weeks off with Ivy <3

“Hey where’s Ivy?” Zayn asked, lazily flopping onto the sofa next to me.

“She’s with Max and Scarlet finishing off some work or something” I answered, slightly annoyed that she wasn’t with me. I was really jealous of Max; he is Ivy’s close friend so they spend lots of time together.


4 weeks ago during school, in biology…

Mrs Fachixn was lecturing us about reproduction.

“So class, who knows where babies grow?” she asked, making us feel like 7 year olds. Everybody started snickering and she cleared her throat.

“In the stomach?” Niall protested.

“No Mr Horan, anyone else?” She huffed and turned towards the board. I took it as a chance to talk to Ivy. She was wearing a simple white top and a black mini skirt (pic on the side- btw the girl is ivy too) and looked very hot.

I kissed the crook of her neck and whispered in her ear “You coming round tonight?”

She frowned and looked at me apologetically.

“Sorry babe I’m doing something with Max and Scarlett” she explained, holding my hand.

“Who’s Max?”

“Oh, he’s one of Marcy’s friends, he’s really nice, you should go meet him” Ivy pointed to the front of the class at a brown haired boy. She smiled and rested her head on my shoulder.

------ After class

I caught up with ‘Max’ to introduce myself.

“Hey, mate” I said holding my hand out to the tanned boy in front of me.

“Hey, your Harry right, sorry I haven’t introduced myself sooner, I’m Max” He smiled warmly and shook my hand with a strong grip. I grinned and said “Yh, well I have to go see you around” As Ivy grabbed my hand so we wouldn’t be late for English.

“Bye Max see you later!” Ivy shouted down the hallway.

*End of flashback*

Since I met Max he has hung out with Ivy quite a lot, I mean it’s no big deal, He seems to only like Ivy as a friend and he’s a nice guy. Deep down, I’m sure he’s gay; I mean I’ve never actually seen him with a girlfriend. So, I’m not worried about anything.

Anyways today’s the first day of the Easter holidays so while Ivy finishes her work, I am gonna hang out with the boy’s. I miss her :( <3 

“Hey, Zayn, imma go upstairs and just rest alright?” I told Zayn. Taking off my shirt- leaving me in my boxers only, I got up from the comfy sofa.

When I reached the bottom step of our stairway, there was a knock on the door. I bolted towards the door whilst shouting “I’ll get it”

I opened our white washed door to reveal a cute looking Ivy standing there patiently. I engulfed her into a hug. She smelled of sweet vanilla. She pulled away and I looked at her confusingly.

“Babe, aren’t you supposed to be with Scarlet and Max?” I questioned her.

“Yh, but they have something important to do apparently!” She explained, making it sound as if it were the most absurd thing in the world!

“Aww, well at least I get to spend the rest of the day with the most beautiful girl in the world!” I replied back making her blush madly and look away. Using my hands I made her stare at me. Just then I thought of something amazing!

“Hey! What do you think about us going to the beach? Just me and you?” I flirtatiously offered. She winked and replied with a nod.

“I’m gonna go get ready then! Meet you in my dorm in 10?” she asked, I simply nodded and kissed her cheek. She ran off and I sprinted upstairs. I need to look good!

I decided to just go with pink Jack Wills swimming shorts...

After looking in the mirror again to make sure I looked perfect for my girl, I walked downstairs and went to her dorm. Whilst knocking I noticed that the hall was empty- probably due to it being the Easter holidays. I waited for a few seconds before the door opened, showing a very beautiful Ivy. She was wearing a white bikini top and floral bikini bottoms. Don't worry I don't have x-ray vision or anything, she told me what she was wearing beforehand! On top of her bikini she wore white jean short shorts and a denim top!

She looked beautiful!

“We should get going, my lady.” I said- my accent showing more than ever.

“Alright, but lemme just grab my shoes!” she yelled whilst going back inside.

She came back with white sandals with a couple of flower and diamond details.

She grabbed hold of my hand and kissed me on the lips by surprised. I hesitated for a couple of seconds but then gave into the kiss, putting my hands on her hips; I took the lead by licking her soft bottom lip begging for entrance. She denied it at first- playing hard to get are we now? I moved my hands from her hips to her arse, gently squeezing it. She gasped and I took it as a chance to slip my tongue into her mouth. “WORKS EVERY TIME”, I thought to myself. After a couple of minutes of making out I pulled away. I was as breathless as she was.

She warmly smiled at me and I returned with a huge grin showing my dimples.

“We should probably go now!” I laughed.

“Yup!” she replied popping the P.

-- In the taxi--

 “FINALLY!” We both exclaimed when we arrived at the beach.

Before exiting the car I thanked the driver and paid him- leaving him a nice tip also. We walked hand in hand along the sand on the beach. We could feel the warm gritty sand beneath our feet. The sky was speckled with birds and the sea was showing off its never-ending body. We could just about taste the saltiness of the air. We could also both hear the rush of the waves and the calls of seagulls above us.

“Hey! Look! What about here! It seems like a nice spot to chill!” she called out, her voice full of excitement.

“Alright, can you get the towels, angel?” I sweetly asked her.

“Sure babe. Here.” She answered whilst giving me the towels to put on the crispy sand.

Once we had settled, we enjoyed each others presence in silence. Comfortable silence. I felt her moving by my side and getting closer to me. I took her hand and stood up, bringing her up with me.

“Come on, let’s have some fun!” I called out.

By now I was in the water, Ivy was right behind me. I bent down and grabbed a handful of sea water and splashed it on her, smirking.

“OH, IT’S ON BABY!” she exclaimed, smiling ever so evilly.

She kicked the water with anger and splashed me all over! I let out a gasp and she smiled at me once more.

I ran up to her and grabbed her waist from behind- I kissed the crook of her neck and then her sculptured shoulder. Letting her go, I went under water and grabbed her by her legs playfully, bringing her down with me. I opened my eyes under-water to find her already gazing at me. I felt myself leaning in and she did the same.

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