Loved You First ♥

Ivy Davis is starting Bradford High, A private boarding school in Yorkshire. What she doesn't know is that a certain 5 boys also go to the school. What will happen when she is accidently locked in the attic storeroom? Will he change her life forever?
full of suspense, romance and adventure ♥
“To live the life you love is the greatest gift you could ever receive, but living one everyone else sees in their eyes is something unenjoyable. And only a few select people are controlled to the point of misbehaviour.”- Harry Styles


10. Chapter 3 <3


                           Chapter 3

*Harry’s POV*

It was nearly lunch and there was a group of girls staring at me from a distance out in the courtyard. They were kinda hot, so I went over to them, leaving the boys behind me.

I heard Liam say “race you all the way to our apartment!” and they all ran off as fast as they could.

“Huh” I muttered, “they will regret that tomorrow morning.”

Anyway where was I? I strolled over to the girls, flicking my sexy hair and flashing them my irresistible smile. All the girls love MY dimples. They started giggling and whispering as I joined them. Stupid, they were just like the rest. I left them stranded as I realised I couldn’t be bothered today. I’m not always the ‘player’ as they call me. I went back indoors and I raced up the stairs and as I got to the last flight before the top I heard a banging noise.

What the hell?! Where was that coming from, I thought to myself as I heard it over again. I slowed my pace as I reached the top and realised the banging must have been coming from one of the storerooms, I put my ear against one and heard the soft tap from the other side of the door... who was in there?

*Ivy’s POV*

I have been in this boring room for at least 2 hours. I have ended up sitting on the floor with my back against some empty shelves. For the first half hour I searched every corner of the room, high and low and all I found was what I thought resembled a tray full of spoons and a bucket of fresh carrots. Strange. Useless, obviously my secret admirer had stood me up. About 10 minutes ago 4 boys stormed up the stairs laughing and one screamed “I won, HA” and a number of other things but I was too busy to listen to them as I was concentrating on getting them to hear me. Sadly they didn’t. Wait… I thought as I stood up and tapped on the door as I heard someone breathing on the other side of the oak. Was I mistaken? “Hello” I whispered.

*Harry’s POV*

WHAT!! Someone said hello, I swear to God I heard someone whisper it?

I thought about getting the boys but… no this was my discovery and I wasn’t prepared to share my treasure.

I stood frozen with my hands on the door straining my ears to hear the smooth voice again. Was I crazy?

I put my hand on the handle, which made an electric click as the door unlocked. The room was pitch black and warm, kind of comfy. I stared into the darkness, kind of freaked out. This was weird, I stepped in and stretched both of my hands out and they fumbled on something warm, human. Wow definitely a girl. A small scream escaped her lips as the door shut behind us. CRAP! I held her waist, the soft fabric resting on her perfectly sculpted hips.

“Hey” I whispered in the darkness, trying to sound sexy. I needed to hear her voice, who was she?

The girl replied eventually “I got locked in, and you were supposed to let me out not trap us both in!” Her voice was perfect. Her sweet breath was tingling on my lips, we were inches apart, my forehead resting on hers. This moment was too perfect, the best I have had, ever.

She dropped my hands and sat on the floor. I sat with her and she spoke again,

“My names Ivy by the way, who are you?”

“you wouldn’t believe me if I told you” I said simply. There was an awkward silence for a moment, “My names Harry Edward Styles”.

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