Loved You First ♥

Ivy Davis is starting Bradford High, A private boarding school in Yorkshire. What she doesn't know is that a certain 5 boys also go to the school. What will happen when she is accidently locked in the attic storeroom? Will he change her life forever?
full of suspense, romance and adventure ♥
“To live the life you love is the greatest gift you could ever receive, but living one everyone else sees in their eyes is something unenjoyable. And only a few select people are controlled to the point of misbehaviour.”- Harry Styles


27. Chapter 19 :)


****2 days later ****

Ivy’s POV

After the boys left 2 nights ago, I went straight up to my room and I cried uncontrollable sobs. I cried because of what Harry did. Why did he do it? Wasn’t I a good enough girlfriend? Did I do something wrong?

I don’t think I did, the last time I checked…

Walking back downstairs, I heard a soft knock on the door. Having arrived at the door, I opened it, only to reveal a sweet looking… MAX! I am immediately embraced in a big bear hug.

“MAX! I… CANT… BREATHE…!” I said in between breaths. He finally let go of me and looked me in the eye.

“Sorry…” he apologised trailing off. I looked behind him and saw a duffle bag.

“What’s up with the bag? Are you on your way to go to a vacation or…”I asked him, slightly confused. Pushing past me he makes his way over to the couch, where he dumped his bag and walked towards me.

“No. For a matter of fact, I’m staying here with you! The boys didn’t let me visit when you were in the hospital so I want to spend time with my best friend… is that okay with you?” he stated. I can’t believe the boys didn’t let him visit! How rude!

 “Sure, sure. My parents wont be around much so that’s okay!” I agreed. It’s true; my parents haven’t been around much. They left yesterday, they had work apparently. They hardly spent a whole day with me…

“Do you want a tour? I could show you your room!” I offered sweetly, pushing my thoughts away. He nodded enthusiastically. After the tour, we went to the movies; we thought it was too boring in the house, so he called over a taxi. Through-out the whole journey I couldn’t get my thoughts away from the phone called I received from Lou.


“Hello?” I said, after picking up after the second ring.

“Hey, Ivy! How are you feeling?” Louis asked me, worriedly.

“Urm… I'm alright, I guess. How are you guys?” I responded, slightly anxious. What if he wants to talk about Harry?

“Yh, about that… Harry’s not good at all; he’s been pouring his heart out for the past 2 days. He looks and feels terrible. Iv, you need to at least talk to him. Please?” he enquired; it was as if he had read my mind. Of course he was going to talk about Harry…

“Lou, I’m not sure… how am I supposed to forgive him that easily?”

“Because you love him for Christ’s sake!” Louis made a point. But it got me thinking, do I really love Harry?

“I’m not sure Louis. I’ll think about it?” I asked him.

“Alright, I guess. But please, Iv. Think about Haz, he’s suffering. He knows that what he did was wrong but he truly regrets it. What he told you was right, Estella spiked his drink. It wasn’t his fault. Please, Iv. Talk to him.” And with that he hung up.

End of flashback

We arrived at the cinema quicker than I expected, it was actually pretty dark outside, it gets dark here quickly and when I say dark I mean PITCH BLACK. We thanked the driver and went into the small independent cinema I once went to with my dad when I was small. It hadn’t changed.

Max wrapped his arm around my waist so I wouldn’t get cold as we strolled through to the refreshments bar after getting our tickets. There was hardly anyone there, I suppose it’s because it’s a Thursday. I really miss Bradford High, I’m planning on going back soon. The problem is I just know I will crumble when I see Harry again, I love him with all my heart but we needed a break and Max is supporting me at the moment. We went into screen 9, it was empty.

“Are you sure this is it?” I said to Max confused, looking around the warm cinema.

“Yep I’m sure.” Max said slowly laughing.

We sat near the back in the dark, on plush leather seats. It was so comfy, with Max, I didn’t have to worry about anything, and everything I regretted or cried over was put on pause.

*Half way through the movie*

“Hey Max” I said aloud seeing as we were obviously the only people who wanted to watch Titanic 3D as no one else was in the cinema.

“Yh?” he said munching popcorn and not taking his eyes off the screen.

“This is so sad” there were tears in my eyes. He turned to me and lifted the armrest, which separated us, up.

“Come here” he smiled cheekily biting his lip. Damn, he was hot. Even though I could only just make out his face, the screens light highlighted his features perfectly and warmed my heart. I lay across his chest, getting comfortable.

“Hmmm, thanks” I said closing my eyes, breathing in his sweet cologne. He chuckled.

“Ivy look at me” He said seductively. I turned to face him shifting my body so I was virtually sitting on top of him. Opening my eyes I looked up at him. Max suddenly cupped my cheeks and kissed me roughly, I was shocked at his move, but kissed back. He was a great kisser I have to admit. His hand moved up my shirt to my waist where it pulled me closer to him. Was this right?! I didn’t want Max to be my rebound...

I couldn’t stop kissing him, my hands travelled up his back and tangled around his neck. Soon the film finished and Max had a huge grin on his face.

“Let’s go home babe” he said while we interlocked our fingers and left. The car ride home was awkward; we didn’t say a word to each other. I’m still pretty confused about what happened in the cinema. I can’t possibly be developing feelings for Max, can I? I mean, I still li- love Harry. Maybe Lou was right, I should give him a chance to speak. But meanwhile, I couldn’t help but notice how perfect Max was. His lips were so soft and warm. He’s such a great kisser too, but nobody can top Harry’s kisses.

When Max kissed me, there seemed like something was missing. I couldn’t feel big explosions like I felt with Haz. I felt small sizzles.

“Babe, come on. Let’s go inside.” Max held out a hand, I took it, hesitantly. Maybe I do like Max after all? Once we got inside, I headed straight to my room to get changed. I got dressed in my shorts, and a tight and simple Hollister top. 

Walking out of my room, I noticed Max leaning against the wall next to my bedroom. Creepy…

“Oh Max! Urm... Well I’m to bed, I’m pretty tired and my back is hurting anyways… so, goodnight!” I said, trying not to sound awkward, but I failed. I leaned in to give him a kiss him on the cheek. But Mr.SmartiePants moved his face so that I ended up pecking his lips. He grinned widely, whilst I simply blushed and walked into my room. That wasn’t weird at all was it? Note my sarcasm.

I tucked my self in and looked out the window and saw heavy rain beating against my glass window, the thunder boomed as loud as a stereo. The sound of the thunder was a gunshot to my ears. It was quickly followed by a flashing and deafening lightening. If you haven’t guessed, I’m not a very big fan of rainy days… Later on that night, I felt something shift in my bed; I looked to my right and saw Max getting comfortable.

“Sorry! I really hate being alone when there’s thunder and lightening!” He whispered, wrapping his arms around my waist. I’m not comfortable anymore… 

“Oh, okay. Well, goodnight!” I croaked.

The last thing I saw before falling into a deep sleep is the bed side lamp switching off.

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