Forever Young

Ashlynn and Cherokee where just normal girls, living in London, working at Nando's and what not. Untill one day they met the boys.


2. Chapter 2.

*Nobody's POV*

''SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!!''Ashlynn cursed running out of the bathroom and grabbing her purse and keys,''Cher, It's almost 9:56!''She freaked grabbing Cher by the sleeve and dagging her out of their flat, just slow enought for Cherokee to grabbed her stuff on the way out. The two ran up to and hopped into Ashlynn's Silver Mustang and speed down the busy streets of London on their way to work.

''Cherokee Star Mills,''Ashlynn scolded.''Why did you not warn me of the time?!''

''Well, I got destracted.''Cher mumbled sadly as she pulled on her uniform.

''By what?!''Ashlynn Sighed, Knowing Cher was a huge air head.

''There was a really cute cat outside and You know, I like cats.''Cher fumbled with her words as she twisted a strand of her hair around her slinder finger.

''Cats.''Ashlynn rolled her aqua eyes as she pulled into the Mall's parking lot. They both got out of the car and rushed through the sliding doors and strait into a few people,''Oh My goodness, I'm sorr-''Cher stopped mid-sentence as her eyes met two beautiful green ones.''Cherokee, Stap out of it.''Ashlynn grabbed the dumbfounded Cherokee's arm and drug her through the mall and to the Nando's. Cherokee blinked a few times before joining Ashlynn behind the counter. Cherokee was to busy with her thoughts as she poured some hot tea into small little cup for a costumer that she didn't relize the tea was now spilling from the cup and down the counter.''Cher!''Ashlynn shreeked grabbing the tea pot and muttering out many 'Sorrys' to the man waiting for his tea.

*Cher's POV:*

What was going on in there Cherokee I mentally facepalmed as I grabbed a towel and cleaned up the tea from the ground. I never felt this way.

But Those Eyes.



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