Forever Young

Ashlynn and Cherokee where just normal girls, living in London, working at Nando's and what not. Untill one day they met the boys.


1. Chapter One & Getting to know the characters.

Ashlynn Taylor: Short, fit, 19 year old with Bright blue eyes and Long, strait hair. She lived with both of her parents when she was younger, she graduated collage when she was in High School, You can say she was a smarty pants. She was a cheerleader and she played football( Or soccer.) and runs track. Her best friends are Cherokee Mills, and Lauren Boles,(Who currently lives in Ireland with her Aunt.)

Cherokee Mills: Tall, Sweet, 18 year old with light green eyes with short wavy long hair. She lived in Doncaster with her parents, she was neighbors with Ashlynn and Lauren before her parents split and she was forced to move away with her father. She met Ashlynn agin a her Local Nando's Where they became as close as ever, They both keep in touch with long time friend, Lauren.



Ashlynn's POV:

'Kay' I replied back to Lauren's text.

'Every Kiss begins with K ;)' She sent back.

'Sorry, but Ugly begins with U' I replied back.

'Good one ;)' She replied one last time, I tossed my phone down on the bed and walking myself over to the bathroom door.''Hurry up Cher, Whe have to go to work in a bit.''I called through the door.

''Yes Mum.''Cherokee called back playfully.

''Just hurry, I have to get my hair fixed.''I sighed walking over to the window and looking out over the streets of London with a smile on my face, It was just beautiful in the morning, The way the sun reflected off the early moring dew that laid across the windows of the buildings around the city. Cher stepped out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, hot,steamy air filled the room.''Took you long enough.''I said stepping into the bathroom and closing the door, Little did I know, today was going to be the biggest day of my life.

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